Gundam 00 S2 Episode 16 – The Day The Elevator Stood Still

Last week was kinda a serious episode so I’ll try to cut down on the wisecracks.

Even during a coup, everyone behaves in an orderly manner.

Hold your chin when you are deep in thoughts.

Strangely young Sergei sounds the same as middle age Sergei even despite the age difference.

Military Discipline Rule No. 69: You salute even when you are on the phone with your superiors.

Homer is too poor to buy chairs for his office.

So Commander Blonde volunteers himself to take care of all that mess happening up in space in the hope of sitting in that chair in front of him one day.

R2-D2 doing what it does best. Hacking the system and downloading all your NSFW collection.

Why so serious?

Why indeed. Why can’t Patrick just die? Why?

I guess among all the innovators, she is my favourite so far.

Yes a phone call would have sufficed.

How come his salute is not the same as Sergei?

So the moral of this episode is as Hercules puts it, citizens shouldn’t blindly trust their government. Well said.

Anyway continuing where last week (cliffhanger?) left off, just when things are heating up during the fight between our beloved couple…

Unsurprisingly and somehow predictable, reinforcement arrives and the fight is cut short yet again…

Yes, a group hug is essential in any group therapy session.

Hold your chin when you are deep in thoughts 2.

Hold your chin when you are deep in thoughts 3.

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25 Responses to Gundam 00 S2 Episode 16 – The Day The Elevator Stood Still

  1. Kiri says:

    I’ll remember to hold my chin whenever I’m deep in thought thanks to this episode.

  2. MarvinRyan says:

    lol! is that photo of a bikini clad Sumeragi on Homer’s table photoshoped on? ^^

    @Kiri, based on your avatar, your tongue might get in the way. ^^

  3. Loba says:

    Lol@ photoshopped sumeragi pic on homer’s table.

  4. TinyRedMan says:

    nice shopped. is there no bloodshed?

  5. Oracle_21 says:

    I will remember THAT, Hold my chin whenever i’m in deep thought state…

    @Loba Now that you mention it, Sumeragi is so hot…

  6. nutcase23 says:

    Hmmm…….. *holds chin*

  7. GNdynames says:

    I believe that salute is used by the British military, which is really weird considering Sergei is HRL.

    PS. Nice photoshop on picture #7

  8. leoh says:

    Probably R2-D2 was dling NSFW collection for Homer now he’s viewing those pics.

  9. Vixion says:

    about the innovator , are you sure… she is sheee????

    for me sehe is he??? lol

    anyway nice wallpaperr

  10. Otaku Dan says:

    I was holding my chin while reading this post

  11. lenejenius says:

    lol@photoshopped Sumeragi XD

    I didn’t realize how many people were in deep thought this episode until now.

    Also, did you notice that Gra-er, Mr. Bushido was spewing out blood? Looks like Trans-GrahAm (lolll) isn’t for everyone D:

  12. Lene says:

    Also, tangent @_@ my name’s typed out as my Gravatar login even though I just typed out Lene o_o; hmm. Strange~

  13. MarvinRyan says:

    @Vixion funny that you would mention that, he/she looks like Nicol from Gundam seed, whose Japanese Seiyu was a girl but American voice was a man. ^^; big booboo by the dubbers. when in doubt of gender, check the seiyu. ^^ Healing Care’s is Miyuki Kawasho. sounds like a girl to me. ^^;

  14. gordon says:

    @ all,
    thanks for the comment. sharp eyes to those who spotted the wallpaper. (‘~’)

    @ Vixion,
    pretty sure healing is a she. :3

    @ Lene,
    i think he bit his own tongue due to too much ecstasy. *holds chin*

    @ Marvin,
    seiyus can be deceiving sometimes. Revive Revival’s seiyuu is a girl but the character is a guy. ^^;

  15. sbhboi says:

    Lesson for today, Hold your chin when deep in thoughts. I’m sure will do that.


  16. chun says:

    gosh finally got to watch this episode ^^:

  17. jusuchin85 says:

    Two thumbs up for the Sumeragi wall on Homer’s desktop! Nicely photoshopped.

    Less action this week, but all in reflection to real world matters. Citizens shouldn’t trust their governments a little too much. There’s always something behind everything. All politics and stuff = not for me!

    Give us moar action! And more Feldt moeness~ ^o^

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  19. mikiwank says:

    I really liked this episode. You enter it in the intrigue and conspiracy.

    “coup d’etat” is a word so beautiful. How write it ?

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