Gundam 00 S2 Episode 21 – Praise me Mama and Papa

Revenge is sweet.

Flame haze.

You know how in movies the guy will show no sign of fear or pain when faced with the toughest of enemies but will whine when a female tend to his wounds.

That is certainly an odd place to place a wardrobe.

Seriously boy, Louise is not the type of girl for you. She’s too complicated.

Psycho bitch savors the enjoyment of hunting down the naughty children.

No blood at all. This is a family orientated show.

Will the real Tieria Erde please stand up? Please stand up?

Cool pose for a dynamic entry.

Inside this piece of paper is the location of Veda and the grocery list for next week.

Never ever trust Saji to take care of your belongings.

Since Mr Bushido is standing outside, why can’t Saji take over the gundam and knock him senseless?

As with all villains, a long monologue is inevitable before a fight. In this case something about love, hate and gundam seed destiny.

I won’t die so easily. The producers promised me at the hotel yesterday I would live and get my own spin-off.

Oh the contrary. Guess he’s just not that into you.

It’s huge.

One step closer to being a gundam.

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18 Responses to Gundam 00 S2 Episode 21 – Praise me Mama and Papa

  1. marvin says:

    lol didn’t think about that, but yes, why didn’t Saji take control of the gundam while Graham was standing outside. ^^;

  2. anon1986 says:

    didnt you forget that setsuna can lock the control of o raiser?possibly the same here …but it will so stupid to lock in this case..

  3. adam says:

    yea.. saji is stupid after all.. lalala (opsss)

  4. Loba says:

    saji is too lousy to pilot gundam 00. aha.

  5. Jungwon says:

    Saji muz have told Mr bushido to wait for a while, as the owner of 00 is out to rescue some naughty children….
    This might b what he said…

    “Fight wit u??? hmm, I juz accompany Setsuna and came along…
    Plus my piloting skill is bad (and thatz why I always use
    Auto-Pilot Mode to control 0-raiser).

    Even if I did use Auto-Pilot mode on 00, u probably will win in round 1… can’t reali satisfy ur hunger for gundam…

    Juz wait lah, Setsuna would b bac in few mins…”

  6. k says:

    i didn’t watch this last sunday. will watch it today!

  7. adam says:

    well.. it’s like Louise is being totally out of sane after killing Nena Trinity.. the scary laugh and all that.. maybe Saji will end up taking care of his mentally-retarded lover.. haha

    i wonder why i dislike Saji Crossroad so much.. 😛

  8. aprilius20 says:

    That’s two crazy girls down, how many more to go?

  9. infinite07 says:

    1 more. Somehow, naked Bushido bob and Jihad-kun are not mentioned.

  10. infinite07 says:

    Wait. Scratch Jihad-kun.

  11. puppy52doll says:

    I couldn’t stop LOLing when I saw birthday suits again 😛

  12. Q says:

    I can’t thinking that Louise is closer and closer being a tragic character. Things will definitely turn from bad to worse…

    So, we had Shakugan no Louise, and now Shakugan no Setsuna o_O

  13. andra says:

    I have been thinking why does innovators eyes shine?

  14. The wardrobe reminds me of Narnia. Maybe there’s an alternate timeline there?

  15. gordon says:

    i see quite a few new visitors, thanks for coming and commenting. ^^;

  16. gd4u says:

    Yes, i was right … Wang Liu Mei did not die the last time. Will she appear again? Maybe she’s a cat ???

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