Random Photo Shoot 5

Neatly packed buses at the interchange.

Folks waiting for the train.

Under construction.

Singapore’s tourism icon, the Merlion. This was taken before it got struck by lightning few weeks ago. Bad Omen…

A sporting tourist posing candidly with statues of a British merchant and coolies, a memento of the early days of Singapore.

Always a great place to shop for home products.

Please squeeze dispenser gently.

At the airport. Changi Airport. Love the ceiling.

Checking the next imperial flight back to base.

Spotted these two girls doing their homework at the observation deck. Students like to study at the airport for its quiet atmosphere. Did not appealed to me back then as the traveling time is too long.

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31 Responses to Random Photo Shoot 5

  1. FatB says:

    Do you have a photo of the merlion AFTER the lightning strike?

  2. puppy52doll says:

    Yikes about Merlion being struck by lightning ^^; I’m glad the damage seemed fixable tho! FatB in the link to the article gordon linked to at the caption there’s a picture showing some broken pieces at the back of the statue ^^;

  3. Danny Choo says:

    You didnt join the girls?

  4. Blowfish says:

    Airport and quiet Atmosphere?

    RIP Merlion!

    Seeing Ikea reminds me that i subconciously choose Ikea furniture if somebody wants to give me some of his/her old stuff.Seems like ive been brainwashed by their HotDogs/Marabu Chocolate

  5. dice says:

    Is that Chinatown Point in the very first photo?

  6. aprilius20 says:

    You don’t get to see sights like that at Malaysia’s main airport- mainly because it’s so far from civilization (one hour from my place)^^;;

  7. FatB says:

    In response to your comment on mez blog:

    My butt ain’t lazy… just very busy. That is why all the ladies want a squeeze.
    Small font? Time to get new glasses and use that zoom function old man cowboy.

  8. marvinryan says:

    hmm… my wife got to take a picture of the Merlion a few days ago. I guess they already got it fixed. ^^
    btw, was wondering, what did you get in Ikea? ^^

  9. phossil says:

    Cool pictures.
    I liked the one with the sporting tourist. I think Singapore its very tourist friendly. Also the airport, wow..

  10. Chappy says:

    XD BOON LAY!!! 突然觉得超有亲切感的~
    And that’s the Ikea at Alexandra road. Was there few days ago, searching for a cabinet to house my girls, but to no avail. D=

    • gordon says:


      Ikea sold out on detolf cabinets?

    • Chappy says:

      也不是啦, 就整体很像。 对文礼太熟了, 想不认得也难。
      其实我不是很喜欢 Detolf。 我嫌它整体太矮, 每个格间太过四四方方, 很难好好地让我的女儿们住下来。 XD 我很挑剔的, 不能忍受我的女儿们挡着对方, 不让我好好欣赏。 LOL.

  11. andra says:

    Rumors say that the merlion helped Singapore to block a hit? But I really think its a bad bad omen ^^; Its just so 准 to hit that chibi merlion within those high rise buildings..

  12. Hangmen says:

    I remember one time back when I was in primary school, I brought my homework with me during the first semester holidays, which I supposedly promise to do during a vacation trip. Well, needless to say, I had too much fun, not giving a damn, and thus, I ended up with both my hands caned and forced to stand up till’ the class is over when school reopened.

  13. AK says:

    Oh hey! I remember the first picture!

  14. Persocom says:

    nice pictures, especially the first one and the Merlion, poor guy

  15. soonkiong says:

    odd, isn’t the library a better place to study compared to the airport? unless there’s a shortage of libraries in singapore of course… ^^;;;

  16. Hynavian says:

    Oh the Merlion, un-scarred and still spewing water healthily! I think it should be fully renovated by now. (:

    I was shocked when I heard that the Merlion was struck by lightning. Coupled with the NTU stabbing incident and then the NUS mishap (student died in hostel) news, perhaps the Merlion was trying to tell us something back then. :X

  17. Q says:

    Is the airport quite close to the city? I have not been to an airport that’s actually quiet, so choosing there as a place to study is surely… Unusual for many 😛

  18. Roy says:

    Awesome pictures Gordon,sorry to hear what happened to Merlion:/ but at least you caught its beauty before it happened ^^

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  20. goodyfun says:

    I think a good collection together are the photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9. I must be thinking that way since my sister gets her photos up in galleries, and she has to think about that sort of thing. The last one is cute. 🙂

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