In 1998, a group of friends broke into George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch to steal an early print of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Thus begins the story of Fanboys. The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison was honoured to be invited to attend not one but two Fanboys screening during the past weeks. The official release date is this Thursday 26th March. Special thanks to a Garrison mate who coordinated these two events!

Date: 13th March
Day: Friday
Time: 7pm
Location: Plaza Singapura
Event: Fanboys Press Screening

Lovely sporting gaijin lady.

The movie is alright. It’s a fanboy’s movie afterall. Fans will like the movie references, quotes and cameos by familiar faces. Interesting thing is the strong depiction of rivalry between Star Wars Fans and Trekkies. I don’t know is this really true in real life? I’m not a Star Trek fan but seeing people around me, most seems to like be fans of both franchise.


Date: 18th March
Day: Wednesday
Time: 7pm
Location: Vivo City
Event: Fanboys Blog Aloud Preview Screening

The second event at Vivo City was much more fun since it is a public screening. Majority of people who came are fans themselves.

Spotted a special fangirl among the crowd. Lovely lovely.

Presented her with a gift. Hope she likes it. 😀

She’s actually the daughter of a friend. Will love to see her attend more trooping sessions with us. 🙂


The usual suspects.

There’s a dialogue session after the credits for fans to discuss the movie and their experiences being a fanboy. Here I’m giving a short sales pitch on how you can join the 501st Legion. Response was good. 3 contacted me so far regarding serving the Empire. ^^;

Will like to share a meaningful story. Not very long ago, a Star Wars fan met an unfortunate life changing event. He was diagnosed with Leukemia. We came to know of this through a garrison mate who read about his account online. He would have joined us for the movie if not for his condition. So in spirit of fanboys, one of us got a Fanboys poster from the movie distributor and got all willing fans to sign and write him some well wishes. The framed poster was then presented to him a few days later.


That day was also the birthday of a Garrison mate, the same mate who coordinated the whole two events, the dialogue session and the signing of poster. I got him a cake.

Before we go, I will like to thank a very special someone who not only joined us for the movie but also guarded the cake for me till I sprang the surprise on birthday boy. She also took most of the pics of me despite already carrying so much stuffs. I shall keep you anonymous for now. I hope you enjoyed the movie and sorry for keeping you up as I know you have to wake up early for work the next day. Thanks again Miss Cake Protector! (‘~’)


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22 Responses to Fanboys

  1. Persocom says:

    That’s really nice what you guys all did for your garrison mate with Leukemia ^^ nice pictures, I especially like that dollfie(?) That cake looks yummy too. Can’t say I know much of rivalry between Star Wars and Star Trek fans but I do recall overhearing an argument over the two at a hobby shop once.

  2. FatB says:

    Hehehe… you look like you’ve finally loosened up your posture when posing for pics. Good to see

  3. It’s amazing how the cake didn’t get squashed despite me swinging it around. LOL and I think most of the photos turned out blur cos of bad lights and yeah quit moving so fast!. Sorry ‘bat that =)

  4. demonick_angel says:

    Not dolfie, Ball Jointed Doll (BJD), dolfies are of a different type and structure.
    Thanks for her piccys ! And she likes her gift! just hope the officers don’t confine you because of that.

  5. Blowfish says:

    Sounds like you finally found a droid with a matching docking station? ^^
    If not…Seems there were plenty to choose from at the event.

    The thing you did for the Leukamie sick mate was very nice.I bet he was überhappy.
    Is that cake supposed to look this uncoordinated?Looks like the baker threw stuff at it ^^;

  6. phossil says:

    I only have view the previews of tha movie.
    Nice pictures and nice event you had.

  7. konadora says:

    Would love to watch Fanboys one day. Used to watch Star Wars a lot ^^;

  8. andra says:

    Argggh.. Why I always miss out all your trooping event lols? ^^;

    This fangirl wants to watch Fanboys! But have to beg some girls to come with me or I always end up alone with the boys! >.<;

  9. phew… do I have a long name or what :p

    Just popping by to say Thanks to the Gordonator and “Miss Cake Protector” 🙂

    …by the way, all the Starwars Fanboys/Fangirls out there… the Fanboys movie is now screening (only at GV) 😉

  10. AK says:

    I watched that movie only cos Kristen Bell was in it. And I was not disappointed.

    LOL, I’m kidding. I’ll always be there to support you guys. Also, apologies again for my not being able to catch that cutesy tiny little droid for you. D:

  11. pus2meong says:

    man, I really want to see this movie along with starwars fans in Indonesia. But this movie might not showed in Indonesia theater. I guess, I must wait for DVD.

  12. Watson says:

    I am wondering if it is possible to order the Stormtroopers human-size costume? I hope to display one for my collection.

    Please contact me at

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