Random Photo Shoot 6

I don’t know what to write so just hit the jump for more pics ok? ^^;

This old gentleman is a busker who sings and play the tamborine at the neighbourhood marketplace. In front of him are newspaper cut-outs featuring him.

Somebody is moving house.

Kids are great subjects. They are not camera shy.

Students spotted around town doing charity work, showcasing their talents to attract public to make donations.

The middle one is too shy. I won’t bite. Usually. ^^;

They are doing a dance but coordination needs more work. + 1 for effort though. Not easy to perform in front of a crowd with a camera pointing at them.

Like people who pose for the camera instead of turning away. ^^;

A small donation gets a great pic full of smiling faces.

Some filming going on. Not sure for what.

Group of students from the school photography club I guess. Most seems to be using the C brand.

A somewhat heart warming scene of a father adjusting his son’s shoe.

Boys in blue.

Love to take pics at the traffic crossing. Nobody will turn away as they are busy crossing the road.

Long queue waiting for a cab.

Lovely scene of a wife feeding his husband ice-cream as their baby looks on.


Love the way lots of people crossing the road walk past each other from either directions.

Before that it was drizzling.

If you notice, there are quite a few gaijin in today’s shots. They are quite common around town and among a sea of Asians, stands out from the crowd. ^^;

Folks waiting to draw money from a ATM. The blue one is Singapore’s most deposited bank. Most citizens has an account with said bank thus always a long queue.

Today’s shots are all taken while on a date with my friend’s daughter. Kagami and her seems to hit it off pretty well.

Special thanks to Umeko’s father.


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68 Responses to Random Photo Shoot 6

  1. puppy52doll says:

    any more pix of Umeko (your date?)? lol

  2. Pyoro says:

    some of the people in those pics look really bewildered. were ya in ya trooper costume?
    on a side note, i saw the same guys along orchard the day before hurhur

  3. FatB says:

    As you aren’t shy in whipping out your camera to snap pics of ppl, you’d be very busy if you ever venture to Japan. Happy snappin’

    You don’t need that shirt. It’s already written on your forehead.

  4. James says:

    Yay for more randoms pics ^^

    Love those 😉

  5. Danny Choo says:

    Lovely photos. Some nice girlies too ^^

  6. Roy says:

    nice pics bro,some of the people were like what O.O? haha a lot of music stuff in the beginning which I thought was neat,great pics Gordon 🙂

  7. tai says:

    ehh, I gotta learn how to take pictures like this. I’m always afraid people will get mad at me for taking their picture without permission.

  8. Maybe someone might be walking backwards in a crosswalk so their picture won’t be taken XD

  9. Shinky says:

    Nice shots! This is Singapore right?

  10. Persocom says:

    lovely everyday life pictures as usual, interesting to see so many gaijin. Hope you and Umeko had a fun time ^^

  11. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    Thats gotta be you in the mirror. XD

  12. Lene says:

    Lovely pictures!

    The train looks really colorful. Do all of them have the same color scheme or was it just that particular one?

  13. Hangmen says:

    I always hate it when there are TV crews around interviewing people. I would’ve answered their question if they allow me to wear a mask, or at least mosaic-censor my face.

  14. Rin says:

    Looks like there are a lot of exciting stuff happening there…
    Also looks like the weather is hot…dammit…why can’t Canada be hot…it’s too cold here…
    Love the pictures…it seems that Singapore is an exciting place to go to…

  15. G2 says:

    Did anyone stopped you from taking photos of them?

  16. andra says:

    I think gordon only need seconds to snap and run. At most he is just going to eat someones flying shoes! =X

    Singaporeans; the daring ones are really daring to “V” at you and the shy ones are really shy to show you the butts ^^;

    Did Kagami just became a gooseberry? =D

  17. demonick_angel says:

    i see You lvled up bro but there is still more to learn my young aprentice. soon i will have to find another.

  18. Q says:

    Do people care much of the fact that there’s a random guy who starts taking pictures of them? ^^;

  19. Z says:

    Love girls who aren’t camera shy ^^. The one with the ^^v is cute hehe. As always, your “everyday” photoshoots always give a fine example of how Singaore days go by.

  20. konadora says:

    I see you go to Orchard a lot, has nice things to look at any point of time.

    Speaking of cameras, which do you prefer, C brand, N brand or S brand? Considering getting one for my birthday this coming holiday ^^;

  21. Haha! Makes me miss home!

  22. demonick_angel says:

    heh. so must plan for a shoot.

  23. aprilius20 says:

    Get three of those ‘Nerd’ shirts and dress up that statue in the following picture^o^
    …might need some really large ones though, they look pretty big…

  24. phossil says:

    taking pictures of people while crossing crowded streets shure is very difficult if you arent in a good spot.

  25. Squee says:

    nice tambourine!

  26. pp says:

    feels like you’re a stalker ^^;;

  27. optic says:

    Are the trains always on time? The trains in Hong Kong as always on time and comes every 4-5mins.
    Over here, expect to wait at least 10mins and maybe even more as our network suxs.

  28. konadora says:

    Intervals of 3~5 minutes during rush hours, and intervals of 4~10 minutes during non-peak hours. Network is kind of okay though, but Singaporeans are mostly inconsiderate, they will do anything to get a seat >.<“

  29. I love your photo shoots, it really inspires me…

    Now I’m off to make my own version!!! XD

    got the Idea from DC and you…

    I just got my camera yesterday, it’s only a compact, but this would do for starters XP

  30. LOL, I tracked back from your earliest post, I got back to page 44… so there’s a lot of story behind this blog, I hope I’d be as successful…

  31. RyoBase says:

    lots of cute girls. I guess should have ask one them for a dinner.

  32. Blowfish says:

    Those Gajin are they the remains of the British Rulership or just some tourists?

    • gordon says:

      can’t be tourists. probably multinational corporation businessmen and their family members who staying here long or short term.

  33. Kippei says:

    wah like the concept ~~ of street walking

  34. DemonickAngel says:

    try it.

  35. soonkiong says:

    love the flag sale girls, real cute. :3

  36. gd4u says:

    Woot … Jurong West St52 market …
    Did u try the good food in that hawker centre ??

    • gordon says:

      of course, i live there. the hawker centre is newly renovated. lots of new stores. u live there too?

      • gd4u says:

        Sorry, gordie for the late reply, i forgot i commented here. Lolx. I used to live there…

        But will go back there n eat sometimes …

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  38. MrMayat says:

    I like #1. #29 and #33 could use some cropping to tighten up the composition. Apart from that, others need better composition/ focal point.

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