Unless you are stranded on a deserted island for the past 2 weeks, chances are you already watched K-On! or at the very least heard of it. After all this is one of the most talked about new anime this spring season.

So long story short, the anime revolves around a small group of high school girls who set up a light afternoon snacks club.

I also heard that Yui is inside the anime as well. Cool! ^^

I have never watched a food anime before so K-ON! is definitely on my watch list. (‘~’)


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  1. gordon says:

    Btw am i the only one who likes Ritsu out of the 4? (‘~’)

  2. aprilius20 says:

    Hehe, the first time I heard of this anime I thought it had something to do with that stuffed lion Kon from Bleach^^;

  3. aprilius20 says:

    P.s. And that picture of Yui at the end is gorgeous! Would you happen to have a link to the hi-res version, if any?

  4. The pictures did the talking… I learned again…

    A snack club.. more like “Feed Yui with Cakes and Pastries so that we won’t get suspended for lack of members” club…

  5. YuKi-To says:

    lol! food anime K-NOM! :3

    dun think ur the only one, but almost everyone else likes Mio the most, including me >.<

  6. sbhboi says:

    “but almost everyone else likes Mio the most”

    Yes ~ that’s including me too.

  7. Hao says:

    Okay, I’ve had enough of this, off to watch K-ON or I’m going to get nuts with so much K-ON on the net =D

  8. Nopy says:

    I didn’t notice until you brought it up, but so far they really have done more snacking than music o.o

  9. chun says:

    LOL! sounds like my kinda club! *droool*

  10. Q says:

    Haven’t started any of the new anime of this season so far orz, and I oddly haven’t been affected by the K-ON hype – it just hasn’t reached me well enough for some reasons that I do not know…

    But wow, it’s only been aired for 2 episodes or so and that’s probably the most snacks and desserts I’ve seen in such a short time, judging from the screenshots there o_o

  11. nutcase23 says:

    Yui is like a pet hamster that I would love to have.

    All you need to do is feed her to keep her happy. =P

  12. FatB says:

    Eh… so far for me K-on has be like those pastries. Sweet, but full fluff. Will have to see if it gets better.

  13. WanderingMind says:

    What I do with a lot of new shows is the one-episode test: If I don’t like the first episode, I drop the show. If I like it…chances are that I’ll watch it to the end.

  14. Really like Yui. She’s kinda like Fuuko ^^

  15. Chappy says:

    Yay for K-on. Definitely the hottest of the season. XD
    Hey, same here. My fav out of the four is Ritsu then Mio.

  16. rangerroh says:

    LOL, “a light afternoon snack club”. Hahahahaha… too funny. Love the new club name!

  17. DemonickAngel says:

    the only food anime i watch is cooking master boy…

    cant find any sites which streams this.

    after the Odex Strikes Back saga, hard to find.

  18. konadora says:

    Drummer = instant win.
    For me, Mio > Retsu > Tsugumi > Yui.

    And lol @ light afternoon snack club, you’re probably the only genius who thought of this name XD

  19. Hangmen says:

    Didn’t quite like the anime. My future blog post about K-On will surely make me the most hated basement dweller on the Internet. Oh well, overprotective fans + haters = POTENTIAL TRAFFIC

  20. phossil says:

    Are they drinking tea?? I would prefer Ice tea better… ^^

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  22. RyoBase says:

    They should open a cafe instead form a band.

  23. soonkiong says:

    Yui the singer? as a seiyuu in the anime? REALLY?

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