Random Photo Shoot 7

8. On a cloudy day, there are a lot of clouds.










18. I saw this extremely cute ojou-chan on my way home inside the train.

19. I have no idea what is that on her face.

20. Isn’t camera shy at all. Like! ^^;

21. She looks mature despite her young age.

22. My friend says she has a high nose, nice thick double eye lids, symetrical eyes, pink lips and big eyes. Lovely long hair as well. :3

23. She will grow up to be a beauty I’m sure. ^^;

24. Where can I buy someone as cute as her? Is it sold at the supermarket?

25. At the train station on my way to check out a newly opened mall.

26. No prize guessing what shop this is. Have to queue up just to get in. But it moves fast so doesn’t  have to wait long unlike the opening day.


28. Till next time. Take care and stay safe.

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58 Responses to Random Photo Shoot 7

  1. dice chan says:

    UNIQLO!!! It was madness I tell you! MADNESS!
    Luckily I went during the media preview (which ain’t that crowded) and bought before everybody esle. Ahh the privileges of working on the account! (yeah yeah still, it comes with a price that most ppl won’t mention).

    I love the sky shots! take more clouds! esp when its about to pour!

    • gordon says:

      so u got all those limited one? how about the one with the “Shhhhhhh!”?

      i love clouds. can just sit there and stare at them all day. hey don’t forget the promise to go shooting together. ^^;

      btw i got something to show u. (‘~’)

  2. soonkiong says:

    great weather nowadays isn’t it? rarely rained at all up north, but it’s getting awfully hot. ^^;;

  3. DemonickAngel says:

    ah 15, u learning well my sith aprentice.
    and 16 nice shadows. ojou chan series is good.
    y no frontal shot of that cute girl by the stage.

    • gordon says:

      xie xie shi fu! and thanks for teaching the rule of the third as well. will put that into use for next series.

      no frontal shot of that cute girl by the stage because the president is in fornt, cannot intrude. (‘~’)

  4. phossil says:

    The guy in pic#6 felt the pressure of being photographed… well, maybe not entirely.. ^^

  5. FatB says:

    Apparently you need to line up at Uniqlo as you are lacking clothes. Put a shirt on pervert. j/k

  6. Roy says:

    Some great pictures,Really liking the cloud shots ^^
    #6 very cute and #16 who’s the troop?

    • gordon says:

      the ojou-chan is cutest. ^^;
      #16 = Sand Trooper. no idea who though, he ran away immediately after i snap a pic of him.

  7. Nopy says:

    I’m surprised the girl’s parents let you take pictures of her (or do you know them?). People here would get very suspicious.

  8. puppy52doll says:

    love #15! nice legs! Miss going to the beach ^^;

  9. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    I love those pictures with clouds in there. 😀

  10. Michael Flux says:

    mmmm @ #6

    hahah, awesome @ #16

  11. MrMayat says:

    Guess you’re on the technical/engineering side?

    Nice sunburst for #8. Uneven polarization/ vignetting at top left puzzles me though…

  12. Panther says:


  13. Omg, that little girl is cuuuuuute! 😀

  14. blauereiter says:

    Gotta take a look at the Uniqlo shop when I come back for a vacation, just for fun. The skyline in the last picture looks just Tokyo !

  15. Daymien says:

    I also wonder what SR Nathan do for work.
    All i see him on news visiting countries.
    But i guess his work is very important though.

    Hope to get his handshake one day^^

  16. Chappy says:

    Kakaka. I love your photoshoot. Everytime i see places that i am familiar with. Got 亲切感.

    1st photo reminds me of the good times. My secondary school is somewhere very near there. Each time after school, my friends and i will go there and have our lunch. XD

  17. yumeno says:

    I like #9 😀

  18. love the beach.. Isn’t it hot there?

  19. Pyoro says:

    i am rather interested in the media industry! *sulks in one corner

    Woot. that’s one lean body ya have. And i say it with the utmost lust. ^^ (joking, i am straight)

    either way, that’s quite a long queue… note to self, i need more clothes.

  20. gd4u says:

    Yea, the old SPH logo looked better … It seems that it is an in thing these days to have the company initials or name as logo.

    Anyway, i replied ur other photo late. Sry abt tt, i used to live there. Do go back there and eat sometimes. Nice opening picture shot …

  21. sbhboi says:

    Pic #16,

    That reminds me of Kamen Rider The First/Next like, only thing is he don’t have shirt on…& dang that’s so sunny, not afraid got sunburn ar ?

    Just notice the button on the banner. Bro is officially in K-ON fever !


  22. andra says:

    LOL at 16!!! the background looks so nice but it feels wrong ^^;

    hmm.. wonders what gordon works as beside stormtrooper o.O

  23. sbhboi says:

    A beach boy *grind* or a safe guard wearing trooper’s helmet perhaps ?


  24. wongtcsg says:

    Love your random photo shoot series.

  25. aprilius20 says:

    For some reason I always had the impression that you’re a still a student, despite you mentioning a few times that you’re working. I guess this post clears things up^^;;

    lol at #6. What’s that guy in the background covering, I wonder?

    I wish we had Uniqlo over here.. but then I also wish we had Book Off, more branches of Kino, and, well, you get the drift^^;Would like to pay a visit to Sing’s Uniqlo one day though. Just hope it isn’t like Topshop- expensive and boring, in my opinion.

  26. Eclair says:

    Ah, saying hi back to you!
    Didn’t know you worked in the news field ^^; Remember you saying back in the puchi that your photo got published, now it all makes sense…
    Lol half naked trooper at beach XD

  27. Danny Choo says:

    Nice girl on beach!
    Did you take your clothes off to impress her?

    • gordon says:

      i sure did. that’s when she starts to call the police.

      anyway there’s nothing to impress her with anyway. (‘~’)

  28. G2 says:

    Still need to line up before going into the Uniqlo store now? Thought it only happens on their opening day.

  29. konadora says:

    Haha I went Uniqlo on Sunday, the last day of the discount 😛 Hoping they stock up again, there was a ‘SPECTATOR’ green shirt me and my friends wanted, but they only had XL left 😦

    And lol@number 16! That is one sexy trooper.

    Oh, I noticed you changed your banner to K-ON~ ^^;

  30. optic says:

    Where are the ladies on the beach?
    Did u scare them away with ur shirt off? 😛

  31. Shinky says:

    I don’t think they sell such cute girls. Try making them~ ^.^ *grin*

  32. marvinryan says:

    I think the guy in the right of the cute girl photo thinks you were taking a picture of him. ^^ he’s fixing his hair. ^^;

  33. Leefe says:

    New SPH logo has a bloggish feel to it. Lol I hear Uniqlo is like Japan’s Giordano… Haven’t bothered to get in yet. The queue puts me off D:

    Little girl is a Ranka Lee wannabe!

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