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Domo Arigato

Domo Arigato Danny and J-List. For the uninitiated, clickie here. Advertisements

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Who is Suzumiya Haruhi?

3 years ago, we came to know of a high school girl with a love for extraordinary and supernatural and possesses the ability to destroy the universe. 3 years later, she is back but faces strong competition from a certain … Continue reading

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OMY Shrek Forever After

Once again, thank you OMY Blog Club for another movie preview. This time is Shrek Forever After. Before going furthermore I will like to comment on the before movie experience. The preview screening is presented in 3D. Initially I thought … Continue reading

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1. When our beloved 501st Legion founder brought up the idea of compiling a Legion history book and invited us to contribute stories and photos, I thought since a picture speaks a thousand words and what’s better to present Singapore … Continue reading

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Monsters vs Aliens

Once again, many thanks to OMY for inviting me to another movie preview. The first being Star Trek last month and yesterday’s Monsters vs Aliens.

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Take note boyfriends. Your girlfriend might not be as naive as you think she is.

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Darth Vader Balloon

Saw this awesome hot air balloon featuring everyone’s favourite Dark Lord on Facebook not long ago. It’s so cool isn’t it? ^^; Find out more about the inspiration behind the Darth Vader balloon and how it became an reality here. … Continue reading

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