OMY Shrek Forever After

Once again, thank you OMY Blog Club for another movie preview. This time is Shrek Forever After. Before going furthermore I will like to comment on the before movie experience.

The preview screening is presented in 3D. Initially I thought it’s going to be non-3D as it wasn’t mentioned in the invitation e-mail. Most 3D animated movies these days are presented in 3D, so it’s a nice added bonus. A 3D movie ticket price isn’t cheap so 3 thumbs up to you OMY for getting us the 3D version!

The Grand Cathay theater is awesome too. Huge and spacious. The staff are real nice and helpful in escorting you to your seat. Kudos to them.

Thanks for the goodie bag as well.

So how was the movie? It’s alright I guess. I prefer the last few installments actually so am glad to know that this 4th movie is the last episode as it’ll be rather pointless to milk the franchise dry before it get boring.

What’s the story about? No point writing a summary of the movie since most people just copy and paste from wikipedia or some other website. So just watch the trailer below instead.

I don’t really understand the trade one day for one day theory, how it works, but I guess most people wouldn’t care much about it anyway. ^_^


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