Domo Arigato

Domo Arigato Danny and J-List. For the uninitiated, clickie here.

Hmm… this kinda reminds me of a retro song below by styx from the good old 80s.


The above shot was the entry sent for the giveaway. It’s actually an old pic shot months ago, Am glad that it still got chosen by Danny for the consolation prize. Below are some additional figures on the desk since that shot was taken.

This Figma Haruhi is a SAFS from someone whom we the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison will be working together for an upcoming event. very nice guy. ^^;

Figma Meido Mikuru. Love the “I love you” hand sign.

Figma Cheerleader Mikuru. Love this pose. ^^;

Yoko. Simply gorgeous.


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40 Responses to Domo Arigato

  1. jusuchin85 says:

    Congrats on winning the comp!

    Love the Mikuru pose! Very creative~!

    Just one question though; is the post really meant to be like a repeat of points? Cos I see the photos repeated 2 more times after the first time…

  2. hikky says:

    Congrats, fellow-winner ^_^
    Wow, Yoko is hawt! Underboobs, underboobs!

    Btw: Did you get a reply from Danny yet?

  3. Q says:

    Congrats on the runner-up! lol’ed at you bribing him with the Ranka scroll…

    Agreed on jusuchin85 on the repeat x2. Is this intentional or accidental?

  4. Garion says:

    Congrats on the runner-up win! *envy* Can’t wait to see what you ordered! XD

    That Youko is oohh la la! 1/6 scale, methinks?

  5. aprilius20 says:

    Congrats on the win^-^

  6. DemonickAngel says:

    hehe nice.

  7. razrig says:

    congrat gordon ^^, have u sent Ranka scroll to danny yet? ^_^

  8. puppy52doll says:

    woo congrats nice get! wonder who’s that nice guy lol 😛

  9. Huh? How the fuck did a Mikuru figure jump on mid- Oh wait, there’s a stand thingey on her back.

  10. andra says:

    congrats on winning, gordon! =D so now the stormtrooper here is starting to get SAFS too?

  11. Leonia says:

    Congratulation !

  12. phossil says:

    will you give/send your Ranka poster to Danny because of choosing you?

  13. optic says:

    Congratz gordon.
    How many mikuru figures do u have in total now?

  14. Roy says:

    Hey congrats bro ^^ Mikuru’s are cuties and that Yoko is delicious ^^ Can’t wait to see what you bought 😀 is it something nasty >:D jk >.>

  15. AK says:

    Eh? Why is it I don’t know that guy who passed you the SAFS?

  16. Persocom says:

    Congrats on winning the contest ^^ Nice figures too, want to pick up the Haruhi and cheerleader Mikuru.

  17. saouri says:

    Great! I read your comments at Danny’s page and this is the first time i came here (i think *.*).
    Congratz for the prize… your Ranka poster is just lovely!

  18. Danny Choo says:

    LOL at どうもありがとうミスターロボット
    And thanks for the present!

    • gordon says:

      love that song.

      don’t mention it danny, it was a tough choice though. i love my ranka as much as my kidneys and liver. but then decided i have. ranka will stay, hope u like my liver. (‘~’)

  19. marvinryan says:

    Congrats Gordon. ^^

  20. konadora says:

    That Mikuru cheerleader pose is really very cute ^^

  21. Congratz Gordon! And good that you can keep your Ranka scroll (for now) ^_^

  22. RyoBase says:

    Congrats! You really deserved it, Mr. Singapore Stormtrooper.

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