Lego Movie Posters

I’m a Lego fan. Especially love Lego sets that are based on movies, like Star Wars. ^^; Check out these movie posters recreated with Lego.

More at

Speaking of Lego, I’m looking forward to these 2 new Star Wars playsets to be released later this year. Pics from

7749: Echo Base. This set comes with 2 Snowtroopers and the first-ever LEGO Tauntaun!

8038: The Battle of Endor. This set comes with 2 Biker Scouts with speeder bikes which I really want and also Chewbacca in a AT-ST.

As much as I love Lego, the prices here are really insane! O_O It’s way overpriced, about 2x it’s normal price. 😦


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19 Responses to Lego Movie Posters

  1. saouri says:

    Nice poster! I loved Harry Potter, Forrest Gump and X-Men Origins!

  2. Michael Flux says:

    hahaha, awesome donut ^_^

  3. Lene says:

    Legos! I miss playing with Legos ;_; I still have a sudden urge to buy the Death Star Lego set, but it’s so much money.

    The posters are cute XD Love the X-Men one!

  4. phossil says:

    I like the Forrest Gump and X men poster.. lol

  5. gordon says:

    the harry potter poster got the title wrong. it’s supposed to be Order of the Phoenix and not The Half Blood Prince.

  6. gunstray says:

    Suddenly missed lego after reading/looking at the post.

  7. Pyoro says:

    the harry potter poster’s kinda cool…

  8. WhatsACoder says:

    come to think of it, does bourne ultimatum the last part of the jason bourne series?

    • gordon says:

      there are 4 novels after ultimatum with a fifth one in 2010. a fourth film has also been announced. can’t wait, love the movies very much.

      • WhatsACoder says:

        Can’t wait to see the movies… love the chicks and jason bourne… I forgot the game “lego racers” it’s so much fun to play

  9. bk201 says:

    Those posters are so awesome.
    Everyone besides Harry Potter in the HP poster look weird,lol. Hermione’s uniform is plain =o

  10. Ryo-Base says:

    I like Indiana Jones. Well, he looks good with beard.

    about my new blog, it still use the same url,

  11. G2 says:

    Nice poster. My favourite lego series are those castles and ancient armies. Remember there are symbols like lion, dragon, wolf, phoenix and bat.

  12. Persocom says:

    I’ve always loved legos, used to have a LOT of them, but somehow when I became a teenager I decided to give them all away. What a mistake. Now I have a son who loves legos and I’m spending money to buy him new sets when I could have just kept my old ones and pass them down to him.

  13. blauereiter says:

    What a fun post, I miss my Lego bricks too. As I kid I built my own X-wing fighter (complete with foldable wings ) and Devastator.

  14. Blowfish says:

    Wish there were more!
    Im actually more a fan of the more traditiional lego sets than the movie tie ins

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