Recent Trooping Adventures


Imperial Droid database updated with 3 recent events TK8316 was involved in. More after the jump.

First up is “License 2 Play” a small gaming convention which other than video games, has a cosplay competition thrown in as well. Spotted Mio and she galdly accepted my invitation to join The Empire.


3. Nice lightsaber effect here. No photoshopping done. It’s really that bright.

4. The one in black hoodie is our Commanding Officer, 501st Legion Singapore Garrison. Here he is interviewed by Razor TV which can be viewed online here. Our portion is at the middle.

5. Kid vs the trooper. What are the odds?


7. The V sign never gets old.

8. Vader gets lucky. ^^;

9. TK8316 with Boba Fett.


6/6/09. Second event is the Singapore Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (SPCA)’s flag day.

10. I didn’t troop for this one and was there to take pictures. Vader’s mini me was there as well.

11. Having some stacking fun.

12. She’s the latest addition to our garrison. One of the few female members and is attached to one of our troopers.

13. They say a dog is a Sith lord’s best friend.

14. This is Cosworth, it belong to a lady who was helping out with the selling of flags. Very obedient dog.

15. Chibi Vader was a hit with the girls.


16/6/09. Lastly this was the Press Conference held at a museum for Mascot Parade which the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison will be taking part in next Saturday at Orchard Road. Do join us next weekend.

16. The Kamen Rider in the center is a friend and member of the our garrison as well, he’s a movie costumer and has lots of costumes. Check out his web.

17. We appeared on today’s papers. ^^

18. Time for another guessing game. Enter the vote below or just drop a comment.

19. The same female trooper I introduced earlier.

20. This lovely lady is from a local dance school. As with most members of the public, she was very intrigued with our armour and asked a lot of questions. ^^;

21. Here we are striking a post for another local paper.

22. A shot with the Saya cosplayer from Blood: The Last Vampire. Heard the movie sucks. I like the anime though.

23. Tk8316 is which? Make a guess.

24. It seems like for all trooping events, everyone we met is a Star Wars fan. ^^ Like this museum security guard who was very friendly and wanted a picture. We gladly obliged and I also asked him did the exhibits come alive at night? :3


26. Oh for those who have been following my posts will know her to be Umeko, daughter of a friend. Here she is posing with her brand new clothes and my Legion badge.

Till next time, take care and stay safe.


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46 Responses to Recent Trooping Adventures

  1. LoL chibi Vader gets all the ladies, eh? And yeah very nice glow on Darth’s lightsaber! Lots of great photos here Gordon ^_^

    I’m guessing center for both pictures, but just a wild guess ^^;

    • gordon says:

      good guess. (‘~’)

      • Draz says:

        both center it’s the only one with a black bag thingie *looks like camera holder*

        and by looking at the pictures where it’s only you we can see the same black bag

        nice pictures man keep on trooping

        • gordon says:

          good observation!

          • Draz says:

            hehe thanks need to have good eye for detail as a designer ;p i hate wrong pixels xD

            when did you join the 501st hoping to join myself in september getting an RT-Mod armor

            • gordon says:

              RT-Mod, why don’t you get one we are using? it’s movie accurate and is up to 501st Legion entry standards.

              drop me an e-mail and we will discuss more if u are really interested.

              gordon008 [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] sg

  2. Pyoro says:

    18,23 center for both.
    18 because he’s holding his crotch again

    23 because well, your crotch was a tad more prominent than the other two

    nah jus kidding, the height probably gave you away

    another thing, is the trooper to the right of vader a female? her pose looks rather feminine….

  3. Mio + Stormtrooper. Great combination, though with her timid personality, I’d expect her to be a bit hesitant to pose for a picture xD

    Also, that mini Vader is pretty lucky ^^;

    • gordon says:

      on the contrary, Mio was very willing to pose for the camera with me. Thank you Mio, u look great though the hat and tear drops should be on the other side. ^^

  4. phossil says:

    pic 2 >> Only fun is allowed here.. ^^
    Vader and chibi Vader shurely gets lucky!!.. lol

  5. Lene says:

    I say center for both :3

    Also, have you always had that pauldron? Looks nice with your armor 😀

  6. WhatsACoder says:

    lotsa chix there…how many female troopers do you have??

  7. kodomut says:

    Hahaha, Chibi Vader is very cute! Hope to see more pictures of him ^^

  8. konadora says:

    Haha, nice photos! Especially the Chibi Vader and the girl in the first picture ^^;

    That is really one bright lightsabre O.O;

  9. meronpan says:

    wow light light saber looks gorgeous in the pics! i could use one of those…

  10. Otaku Dan says:

    seeing that first picture, it gave me a great Storm Trooper X Mio doujin idea.

  11. gunstray says:

    Kamen riders, Storm troopers, and Mini Vader, Best compilation yet^^

  12. Razrig says:

    vader saber damn awesome ^^..
    u guys always polish ur armor?? seem shining ^^ how much would it cost?… what’s ur heigh gordon?

  13. Chappy says:

    LOL @ the stacking!
    Mio! I am expecting to see MIOs at AFA09.

  14. Stifler says:

    That is one awesome lightsaber. Might I ask Lord Vader where he got it?

    • gordon says:

      that’s a FX lighsaber which u can get from Simply Toys or online. our vader’s one is modified with brighter led.

  15. RyoBase says:

    TK8316 in pic 18 and 23 is at the center. I’ve done his dna and physical analyzed already. Everything that he’s doing, I’ve seen it all.

  16. Michael Flux says:

    Bah! Take me with you next time! 😀

  17. willie says:

    They should come here, to my place la…uwaaa

  18. DemonickAngel says:

    next sunday eh…. heh.

  19. Marianto says:

    Well, next Saturday at Orchard Road, I am on~ Hope to meet you up this time before I book into Tekong the follwing day. Till then, cheers!

  20. Blowfish says:

    My guess would be center.I like to choose the middle ^^

    Your pictures make me wanna pick up an armor and run around aswell. :d

  21. Riiana Doon says:

    Looks like much fun was had! The trooper will never die!:P Chibi-Vader looks like quite the handsome guy!:D Now, when will you meet up with DC someday and do a video? I think that would be most entertaining!:D

  22. Nopy says:

    I like the girl doing the Mio cosplay in the first picture, although she should’ve used a less visible strap to hold her hat in place.

  23. Vixion says:

    that’s looks fun 🙂

    i want to be the chibi vader >_<

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