Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

OMG I don’t believe it! Today got to be the worst day ever! Mum just got the shock of her life as she finally finds out that my car, my Camaro, is actually more than meets the eye.

I swear I told Bee a hundred times that during the day he is to stay inside Dad’s garage and pretend he is a real car. An example of a real car is one that does not play strange music out of the blue or transform into giant robot which mum was unfortunate enough to witness that day. Dad was pretty cool about it after I told both of them the whole story though.

Well other than that small incident, everything else was going swell the past 2 years following the battle with the Deceptions. Pretty amazed how the government managed to cover up something this big. But anyway that’s not my concern. I’m just a teenager, minding his own business, going about his daily life, who also just happened to be caught in the middle of an epic battle between outer space giant super advance robots.

So anyway Optimus Prime and the Autobots together with the military have set up a special task force to hunt down the remaining Deceptions. And they are doing a pretty good job it seems.

How about me? I’m doing great. I have a guardian angel watching over me, I have Mikaela, I am going to collage this year, world peace, what more can a guy asks for? Oh speaking about collage, mum was unbelievably emotional and making a big fuss how she is not able to see me for the whole semester despite me reassuring her time and time again I will come back during the breaks and holidays, well except Halloween which isn’t really a holiday.

Then there’s the second thing, I really don’t know how to break this to Bee, the one about how freshmen are not allowed to have cars. I guess this is good for both of us as well. Bee seems bored confined in the garage, he should be what he is supposed to be, an Autobot, together with Optimus Prime and the rest kicking Decepticons’ metal ass. Well maybe I’ll talk to him later. Today seems like a perfectly normal day. What can go wrong right?


Many thanks to OMY for inviting me to the Gala Premiere of Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. ありがとうございます。


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29 Responses to Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

  1. Pyoro says:

    what you are going to college? congrats! where’s it at?

  2. Stifler says:

    Captain, what are these two balls doing above my head? Am I under the enemy’s scrotum?

  3. blauereiter says:

    Just caught this yesterday. Ears are still hurting from your usual Michael Bay sound system, but the robots were amazing, girls running around in skimpy outfits notwithstanding.

  4. Lene says:

    Was Megan Fox distracting in the movie? 😡

    Still contemplating on whether to watch it or not. The shiny robots are drawing me in… :3

  5. WhatsACoder says:

    damn! It’s showing here july 1 in our province!!! and h1n1 cases here in the philippines is rising like crazy!

  6. GNdynames says:

    I’m disappointed at what happened to Jetfire T.T

    • gordon says:

      the british accent?

      • GNdynames says:

        The overall charcter was completely different from what I imagined. Along with the number of lines that went with him.

      • Old geezer considering it’s a freakin’ awesome plane (I loves the SR-71) and comparing it to the generation one toy which was a Valkyrie. Yep, I’m pretty much in the same boat as GNd there ^^;

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  8. WhatsACoder says:

    was transformer 2 really that good??????

  9. dice chan says:

    will watch for more mistakes! LOL

    • GNdynames says:

      During the scene where Mikaela was working on a decale on that motorcycle, the pot of her airbrush was empty ^o^

  10. Rin says:

    I just watched it yesterday and man, it was awesome!!!
    Good movie but man…2 hours and 30 minutes…
    Man, to see all those decepticons get their ass kicked by tanks and I think it was 7 autobots, sad…
    I actually thought Jetfire combines with Prime like in the cartoon series.
    Still, overall, great movie!!!

  11. Danny Choo says:

    Like the transformers strap.

  12. andra says:

    AAAHHH, have to go grab my female friends to watch with me!! ;_; I so want to watch! >.<

  13. Roy says:

    Gotta see this movie this week ^^

  14. konadora says:

    Watching this next week 😛

    Nice phone strap, and nice Yuki too ^^;

  15. optic says:

    This coming Tuesday can not come any sooner.
    It’s already out here but tuesdays are the only days for cheap tickets.

  16. Smithy says:

    Saw it last Friday and love it! Chock full of action start to finish, tons of Autobots and Decepticons, awesome…

    One thing I do regret is the overuse of rather weak and in your face teenage humor in the movie. Like the Autobot twins, it was funny in their first scene but once the movie got more serious, they should have left out all that humor and focused on the drama and suspense.

    Personally I felt that with the humor they used, one serious event in the middle (you know which one) kind of lost all its drama and intensity because they were cracking silly jokes barely 5 minutes later. The chance to make it into a desperate battle for life, for earth was kind of lost due to that.

  17. DemonickAngel says:

    the only scene that is itched on my mind is Megan Fox on a bike in shorts.

  18. Umuu… coulda been better, but still a lot of nice action. Too much focus on Optimus Prime methinks. We didn’t get to know the rest of the Autobots. I’d love to see more of Arcee.

    Oh a hypothetical question for you… Who’d win? Unicron or the Death Star?

  19. Saku says:

    It’s a great movie because there are a lot of actions and of course, Megan Fox, however, it’s not something you would watch if you are looking for story alone.

  20. slackergamer says:

    just saw it today (i know…it’s abit late) but i thought the show totally bombed. Too many unneccessary scenes and way too long !

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