Singapore Blog Awards 2009 Party

So yours truly’s humble little blog was nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 and last night there was a awards presentation party held at the Supperclub. 昨晚出席了 新加坡部落格大奖颁奖派对。

Was nominated for the Best Individual Blog. Didn’t win which was expectated. Been nominated is an acknowledgment/achievement already so was there basically to have fun. ^^;
入围了 最具个人特色部落格。 没赢, 意料之内啦, 入围已经是一种肯定。 当晚玩得开心就好。 ^^;

1. With local aspiring singer Carrie Yang Jia Ying. Hmm… She is so small. :3
本地歌手杨佳盈。 她好小只。:3

2. The theme for last night’s party is bedroom since the nightclub itself is decorated like a bedroom. Guests are encouraged to come in pajamas but not many did. This lovely lass here, Joanne from Beru Betto, who is a fellow nominee in the same category as me, is one of the few who did and kudos to her! Nice touch with the curlers and no makeup as well. Natural looking girls are cute too. :3
当晚的主题是卧房。来宾们都事先通知尽量可以的话就穿睡衣来。可是呢,穿的人不多。 这位和我入围同个项目的小姐,Joanne from Beru Betto,是极少数穿睡衣来的。素颜美女也很可爱啦。 :3

3. She reminds me of the landlord lady from Kungfu Hustle. :3c
她让我想起《功夫》里的包租婆。 :3c


5. 美女A


7. This man here is the Guest of Honour that night, Minister for Foreign Affair Mr George Yeo. 当晚的特别嘉宾,外交部长杨荣文先生。

8. Playing around with reflections. Might consider getting a new compact camera soon as this current one doesn’t last me through the night. Maybe it’s because of the multiple usage of flash. >< 是时候考虑买新的数码相机了。现在用的,电池不到一个晚上就死火了。 八成是散光灯用多了。 ><


10. OMY’s Alvin, the marketing man in charge of running the show.
OMY 鼎鼎大名的Alvin。幸会幸会。

11. 美女B


13. This young lady here is also a fellow nominee in the same category as me. Wan Ting from Snow White is Not a Princess. Pretty girl…
和我入围同个项目, 白雪不是公主的邱琬婷。美…

14. OMY’s boss Mr Chua Chim Kang. OMY 总编辑蔡深江先生。

15. Beautiful local model Kay Kay… 超正的喔… *脸红*

16. This is Kanny, a relatively renown local model who have appeared in various print ads. Lovely girl, we had a short chat. ^^;
小有名气的本地模特儿Kanny。 很亲切的女孩,和她聊了一会儿。 ^^:


18. Been interviewed by Sara from RazorTV.

19. Goodie bag from the sponsors. The useful ones are the cup noodles. (‘~’)
赞助商的礼包。当中比较实用的是泡面。 (‘~’)

Once again Thank you OMY for organising a successful party. See you all at next year’s awards if there’s a chance this blog survives till then. 在此谢谢OMY主办昨晚的派对。后会有期!

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41 Responses to Singapore Blog Awards 2009 Party

  1. Panther says:

    15 is a hot one indeed.


  2. Jun Wong says:

    lovely lass in Pic 2 maybe got potential in her to become the landlord lady in Kungfu hustle 😛

    On a wild thought, it makes u look like a bodyguard in disguise. When dangers is near, u r there to protect the minister 😛

    May the force be with you

  3. kodomut says:

    We now know you wear your armor to sleep ^^

  4. AstrayP03 says:

    congratz ^^
    you got nominated last year too right if i’m not mistaken? I think I read it in ur blog before xP

  5. chibihien says:

    question is…

    did you get laid

  6. YuKi-To says:

    yes natural looking girls are cute!
    so little guests in pajamas 😦

    guys shld be wearing this for pajama parties (scroll to the end):

  7. tj han says:

    How come I was not invited LOL? FUCK I NEED ARMOUR TOO.

  8. phossil says:

    Wow, there were some cool babes in the party. singer Carrie looks a little terrified at you. Lol. 🙂

  9. TheFuzzy says:

    They say bedroom theme and you wear your armor there.


    Also, I seriously didn’t expect them to give you instant noodles in the goodie bag of all things.

  10. Q says:

    Holy cow that woman does look like the 包租婆 lol.

    Does she talk and fight like the 包租婆 too? ^^

  11. Garion says:

    lol @ Kungfu Hustle reference/lookalike. XD

    So this is what the life of a popular blogger is like…going to happening parties, meeting ministers, being a babe magnet and all (ok maybe its the trooper armour? lol)

    And lol @ the George Yeo pic…did his security guys frisk you for “hidden weapons” before they allow you to take a pic with him? ‘~’

    I kinda like the babe in 15 too. ^-^

  12. Sara says:

    Hi hi, sorry, tried to embed ur video of your interview for you.

    Here’s the link anyways,


  13. Optic says:

    U should’ve shown off ur pretty face to the camera. There’s a lot of pretty girls watching this. xD

    Ah, better luck next year.

  14. Pyoro says:

    that’s it. stormtrooper outfit = ticket to hooking up with hot gals. you have no idea how jealous i am right now 😦
    armor is awesome. i want one kamen rider now!

  15. Blowfish says:

    So youre telling me that StormTroopers are sleeping in their armor?
    Man that must be uncomfy

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  18. wongtcsg says:

    Great achievement!
    Don’t worry, your blog will still be here next year after seeing your popularity.

  19. Edric says:

    2010 to prep for.

    Looks like the SG version of DC.

  20. andra says:

    I think you have to shout when talking in your trooper XD

  21. Kazearashi says:

    Too bad that you didn’t win but congrats on the achievement so far =D I always missed trooping events but I hope I can join your next trooping events… ^^

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  23. st1ckm@n says:

    Hi there Gordonator,

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!
    And congratulations on being nominated for Best Individual Blog. =D

  24. Camemberu says:

    Wah cool, so you were the Stormtrooper that night! 😀 I made a Kanye meme outta ya, sorry, hope you don’t mind!

  25. gd4u says:

    The interviewer looks totally lost .. 🙂

  26. infiniaTetpet says:

    She raced down them, not slowing when she reached ways that were unfamiliar to her. Savous led them from the bathing chamber, aware of a multitude of eyes on him. Lanthan saw her move. His attention was on her again, those red eyes intense even over the distance. She was the one to blame. She swallowed and pulled away, her attention instantly switching to the grounds below. She finished off her wine and set her goblet aside. Gala teased, tossing a floor pillow at him. Or even project emotion on him. But that wasnt to be. Tykir had a warmer heart than that. She sneered, twisting in his hold. She cant make it easy, can she? No more prompting was necessary. Whispering low in the smaller mans ear, he pulled Tykir away. She narrowed her eyes and looked back at his face. Now that he was here, she was unsure how to begin. Youre not done questioning me. Tears spilled from the eyes she closed. Chuckling, he nipped at her shoulder before pushing up to his knees.

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