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Move Along Gordon Move Along

One of my prized procession is this autographed photo of Anthony Forrest. To Gordon, Move along… move along” Anthony Forrest “Sandtrooper” Who is Anthony Forrest? Answer after the jump. Advertisements

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Thin Red Lines

Curses! Damn freaking red lines on my lovely Ranka-chan! >.<

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Aisaka Taiga Cosplay

Unbelievable. After having Chii as my mobile phone wallpaper for almost 2 years, I have finally found someone worthy of replacing her.

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Plot no Jutsu

So Kitamura dyed his hair yellow as a show of rebelling. Well I guess it will probably be more convincing if his Tiger, Dragon and Chihuahua friends plus the rest of school mates whose names escapes me didn’t spot coloured … Continue reading

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Call of Duty

It’s that time of the year again where majority of young lads are called back to fulfill their annual obligation. Reservist duties befell upon yours truly and I will back in green, trekking in the beautiful jungles of Singapore for … Continue reading

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Box of Useless Cards

A most mysterious package appeared at my doorstep when I got home this evening. The box was heavy and upon opening it, I was totally taken aback by surprise at the content. It was packed full of nothing but useless … Continue reading

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