Thin Red Lines

Curses! Damn freaking red lines on my lovely Ranka-chan! >.<

Freaking red lines on my blog! >.<

Freaking red lines on my Aya Kiguchi! (Healthcare will halt until lines are gone) >.<

Have been having these occasion red line on my LCD monitor for a few months already. Usually a knock here and there solves the problem but lately it has been occurring more frequently and knocking just doesn’t work anymore. Guess it’s time I get my lazy ass to computer shop and get a new one. >.<


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34 Responses to Thin Red Lines

  1. Radiant says:

    Loose connection on the internal boards somewhere. Caused when something is repeatedly heated and cooled, as that expands and contracts the board, causing warping, and ultimately, some connectors popping loose. It can be fixed if you know how.

  2. Tiny Red Man says:

    ya, i understand how the thin red lines kills ur Aya kiguchi. She’s the pretty little devil.. ^_^;

  3. razrig says:

    time to buy a new one~~~ (o_0)

  4. Reltair says:

    Yeah, it can be fixed but I’m too lazy to figure out the specifics myself. So I just buy a new LCD when that happens.

  5. Otaku Dan says:

    That is pretty bad. before my old computer died, it was like that.

    • Radiant says:

      There is always two possible causes for computer “death”
      1. hard drive failure – data can’t read/write to it anymore.
      2. Motherboard failure – same reason as Gordon’s monitor failing – heat and cooling causes warping. Sometimes it can also be from electrical spikes.

      3. bonus reason, but easily fixed is power supply failure. Easy to troubleshoot – if you recently added new hardware and the power supply can’t take the load, it will bust. Fan may stay powered, but everything else is shot.

  6. TheAndySan says:

    It’s too bad that you can’t test to see if it’s your monitor, a cable, or the monitor’s connection to your computer. Or can you?

  7. Kairu says:

    Delete your porn folders and those red lines will disappear in no time.

  8. Loba says:

    For me, it was the death of the graphic card.

  9. AK says:

    This reminds me of a movie. It’s called ‘The Thin Red Line’.

  10. Cavalock says:

    ever thought of getting a Mac?

  11. Garion says:

    Time to upgrade to 24″! For better healthcare effects. :3

    Wants that Ranka wallpaper! Sauceeeeee plsss???

  12. RyoBase says:

    Give it a few more slaps. It should be worked. If not, then headbutt it and send your electromagnetic energy from your brain to the monitor.

    I can feel your pain anyway. Not able to have good look at the…girls in full color.

  13. Stifler says:

    And you actually got the time to take photos of the screen.

  14. sbhboi says:

    Cables, hardware and the driver itself is suspected in this case. Yeah I can’t see well the……girls in full color now. That’s bad. =/

  15. Smithy says:

    Could be the monitor itself, the connection/cable or the gpu (both hardware and drivers). I’d advise checking with another monitor and cable first to be sure it’s the gpu itself.

  16. Chappy says:

    Time to change your LCD. It’s pretty cheap to get a decent one nowadays, unless you are looking for a real good one.

  17. phossil says:

    For how long have your monitor with you? First time I see this kind of hardware problem with LCD (in CRT happened all the time).

  18. Z says:

    Wow even with the red lines, Aya still look <3~!

  19. LEon says:

    Hm… graphic card or LCD monitor faulty? Still under warranty?

  20. Blowfish says:

    My Tech Knowledge ends with a slap on the side of the screen ^^;

  21. I dunno about you… but mine had weird colours all over the screen… but that could be overcome by turning off the monitor and turning it on again… hope it helps ^^

  22. Lene says:

    Wahh, distracting red lines ;_;

    I say punch it as you’ve been doing, but that usually doesn’t solve everything (except for my CD player in my car, ahahaha. If I give it a good punch, it actually starts to read CDs ^^;;)

    Hope you get your monitor fixed or get a new monitor soon!

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