Oppai Mousepad

*squeeze* Check out my new mousepad! *squeeze*

This is my previous mouspad, Tamaki, which I’ve been using for over a year now. Thank you Tamaki, you’ve served me well. But it’s time to retire you. :3c

This is how Tamaki looks like when I bought her last year. Speaking of Tamaki, a new smexy figure of her is releasing next year.

Anyway, the Mio mousepad was from my friend when she was in Hong Kong recently. The price is cheap and the quality is pretty decent. Oppai is a bit small compared to other oppai mousepads but no biggie, Mio’s moeness more than makes up for it. I actually like this one more than the one  I bought from jlist (below).

I did a check and found out that jlist is no longer selling this Mio mousepad. Too bad for those who missed it. =(


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37 Responses to Oppai Mousepad

  1. FatB says:

    Uguu.. poor Mio :Xc

  2. Densha Otoko says:

    Tamaki looks like she got Sunburned . Like That Hong Kong Mio Mousepad rather than Jlist

  3. Ninjovee says:

    I likey HK Mio Mousepad too… :3

  4. Kar Loke says:

    OMG, What you did to your 1st mouspad?

  5. Snark says:

    Despite my absolute hatred of oppai mousepads, I do feel sorry for the Tamaki one…

  6. Matteas says:

    O_o What have you been doing with your Tamaki mousepad? XD

    I, too, like the HK one better.

  7. Tiny Red Man says:

    the thought that mio will end up like tamaki, i have to say this: I NEED TO SAVE MIO!!!

  8. r chan says:

    dude i think u overused tamaki… poor tamaki… take good care of mio though =p

  9. coffeebugg says:

    Tamaki T-T.. Must get me an puni~mune~ pad one of these days.

  10. Blowfish says:

    How come I hoped for some real ones? :3
    I did know that those mousepad start to look not so hot after extended usage but Tamaki looks pretty burned in certain areas.Were you moving your mouse that fast?^^

  11. Stifler says:

    That’s fast. My Miyako mouse pad is about a year old too but its not as damaged as your Tamaki. What have you been doing to her?

    Anyway, nice Mio. XD

  12. Q says:

    Wow how have you managed to overwork Tamaki that much??! o_o;;

    The one bought in HK looks more closely to the anime. Jlist one just looks odd IMHO.

  13. i am going to get the Mio seiyu to autograph my mousepad at end of this month. *squeeze* :3c

  14. Reltair says:

    Extensive use over time usually results in that. The damage is similar to my laptop where the paint is rubbed off on where I rest my hand while typing.

  15. Garion says:

    Actually you should have gotten the jlist Mio oppai mousepad too – two different Mios for two different umm….purposes? =X

  16. jorgitoteran says:

    i feel bad for tamkaki 😦
    you better treat mio well lol^^

  17. LOL do you have to add *squeeze* :3c behind every reply?
    makes me want to *squeeze* :3c too x)

  18. Kairu says:

    Oh no. Not THIS post again.

  19. Chappy says:

    No oppai mousepad for me. Parents will think i am hentai. =X
    Want to get one though because my wrist feels good on it.

  20. lordangelus says:


    I got blinded for 3 days 2 nights.

  21. BC Otaku says:

    haha, your new Mio mousepad looks nice.

  22. Ichiro Ino says:

    That hand!

    Put that away!

  23. samejima says:

    You rubbed them too much sarge. O_O

  24. Ti Daley says:

    The Tamaki pad just looks really dirty. sweat and dead skin from your hand can do that to any mousepad after a while. Have you tried cleaning it with some soap?

  25. ~Spark~ says:

    Tamaki? As in the Tamaki from Bamboo Blade?

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