Suenaga Sisters

The Suenaga Sisters made an appearance at AFA 09.
Above picture: Haruka (left), Kanata (center) and Mirai (right).

Mirai is cosplayed by the lovely Alodia from the Philippines.
Love the above pose. ^^;

Haruka is cosplayed by Alodia’s imouto but sadly yours truly didn’t manage to get decent front shots of her as she came in later than Alodia and was doing the photographing.

Figma Mirai with camera. Hmm… very nice looking indeed. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get hold of the key locking the glass panel. Tried lock picking but failed. orz

Itachari by kodomut.
Is it too much to ask for the bicycle to be included with figma Mirai as well? :3c

Thanks Danny and Alodia for the autograph. Btw Danny your sg accent improved from last year. Not bad lah. lol. ^^;


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36 Responses to Suenaga Sisters

  1. yumeno says:

    Where be Danny’s hands? I cannot see them.

  2. Tiny Red Man says:

    indeed. Kanata looks awesome.

  3. chun says:

    good job Gordon XD

  4. AK says:

    Yesterday I went back to check up on the cosplayer Alodia. Now I know just how famous and revered she is. I should have felt more luckier that day to be able to get a picture with her. 😛

  5. BC Otaku says:

    I did not saw Alodia’s imouto yesterday. I did say Alodia though. She was at the Tokyo Figure Show,

  6. YuKi-To says:

    Alodia’s parents are even more awesome! they came down all the way to support Alodia and Ashley, and did set up for the tank!

    yes we need more singlish Danny! =P

  7. robostrike says:

    Thanks for the photos…makes me feel much better that I got a taste of what’s to expect at AFA’09 ^_^

  8. Eduardo Gonzalez says:

    Next time, let it be of Ferrari’s

  9. andra says:

    Mirai and Haruka!! Aww, I didnt get to see them, I missed the mornings.

    Lol! Kanata at centre ^^;

  10. samejima says:

    That’s OUR Alodia & Ash orite…

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  12. B-Mecha says:

    they are pretty :D. I went to AFA and the Figma Mirai looks good. i wonder will it be release as official product?

  13. Hirobot says:

    Danny is so gracious and funny in person!

  14. k says:

    was it cold in suntec? wondering why danny had his beanie on. ^^.

  15. phossil says:

    Was a good idea to cosplay Suenaga sisters by Alodia and her sister. Both did a great cosplay!

  16. aprilius20 says:

    LOL, since when did Danny become Kanata? I’ve been absent from DC for too long^^;;

    • Fishy90 says:

      I think it’s the shirt. XD

      Only got to see Alodia and her dad. Didn’t see Ashley but it was still awesome to see Alodia in person. ^^

  17. Raven says:

    Was that on D1 or D2? Almost went down on day 2 but kind of ran out of gas after filming. Almost went down with the props but just did not want to change. And most likely, would be arrested by cops before reaching the site.

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