Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

How are you? I am fine. I apologise for this somewhat very late mail but I just want you to know that I have been a good boy this whole year and below is a list of stuffs I want for Christmas.

Oh btw if you think I am indeed a good boy and deserve all of these mentioned items, I will greatly accept them all. ^^;

A dollife. For example like this one from Stepwalker (‘~’).

Lego Star Wars AT-AT. Something which I have been wanting for years. Oh btw, If anyone else wants this as well, it is sold at Simply Toys for S$252.

Lego Star Wars Endor playset. If anyone wants to buy this for someone as a present (which I think would make an excellent present!), it can be found at Simply Toys for S$198.

Yes I know Lego is expensive. For the rest who is looking for cheap and good Lego, this Pirates set is the one to get! I love collecting Lego minifigures and this set comes with 8 characters! If someone is celebrating their birthday soon, you may want to consider getting this as well. Available for S$39.90 at Bricks World at Ngee Ann City #05-15A. ^^;

This incredibly cute Taiga figure by Kotobubiya. One would have to sell one’s liver to get this figure from ebay now. >.<

Lastly, I still want the Japanese schoolgirl I have been requesting for the past decade. Ya I know they are in demand but if Santa you are able to get me one this year, I will be super duper delighted! Oh if I can only get one present, the Japanese schoolgirl overrides all the previously mentioned presents. ^^;

Legolas Greenleaf, Santa's workshop Pte Ltd, Team Leader

I know today is already Christmas Eve and you must be really busy. But I am sure your team of elves led by Legolas will not disappoint me right? :3c

Thank you and have a nice day.

Your good boy,


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28 Responses to Christmas Wish List

  1. maru says:

    Japanese schoolgirl eh? That’s pretty general – I specify for lolis.

    Does santa hate picky kids? Because I haven’t got one for the past few years.

  2. Karloke says:

    You are getting a lump of coal for christmas.^^

  3. k says:

    I hope the elves don’t keep presents for themselves this year. ^^. Merry Christmas!

  4. Panther says:

    I want the dollfie from Santa too. 😦

    Merry Christmas in advance.

  5. AK says:

    Haha, been wanting the Japanese schoolgirl for quite some time too. Except I already got her last year. 😉 Not during Christmas though.

  6. Alafista says:

    I want a Santa babe for Xmas ^^

  7. phossil says:

    Would you like your japanese schoolgirl gift wrapped? Lol.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Gunstray says:

    I would approve of this wish list(especially the schoolgirl) if I werent dissappinted that you’d get the lego AT-At when you can have the real one

  9. agito666 says:

    oh well i just wan a doreamon is enough…

  10. Neutrinos says:

    Hope Santa hears ya! Especially for that schoolgirl. ^^;

    Merry Christmas, Gordon-kun and Gordonette-chan!

  11. bluedrakon says:

    I would love the Japanese School Girl as well, but I think my wife may have an issue – LMAO!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  12. r chan says:

    merry christmas gordon!

  13. Kairu says:

    >Japanese Schoolgirl

    OH YOU!

  14. optic says:

    Would the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon be ur cup of tea as well?

  15. Blowfish says:

    At first I thought that Legolas was on your wishlist aswell XD

    Its good to see that other Dudes still enjoy lego since its such a great system to play around with.Too bad that its this damn expensive.

    When you get your japanese school girl be sure to share her with us.You know that good boys like you share their toys with their friends

  16. may says:

    HEY OMG I LOVE THAT TAIGA FIG THE MOST. ITS THE CUTEST ONE EVER!!!!! hahahaha i like that first pic 🙂

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