EOY 2009

End Of Year (EOY) is a major cosplay event that is held annually, as the name implies, at end of the year, somewhere in December. This year a new team has taken over the management of running probably Singapore’s oldest cosplay tradition.

The venue changed as well. Previous years it was held at Singapore EXPO which is like the other end from where I live. Time and energy spent traveling there with hundred of kg(s) of armoury and arsenal would have been killer. So it’s a very welcoming relief to know that this year’s brand new event is held at the National Library, right at the heart of Singapore.

Firstly, I will like to thank the EOY organizer for inviting me, you have my gratitude. Special thanks to the team who has been very prompt in replying our queries at a local dominant cosplay forum.

As per last year, it is good to know that a storage area has been allocated for everyone to put their bags and other bulky stuffs. To top it off, it’s free and guarded by the event staff. +1 to thoughtfulness! This is ideal for people especially cosplayers who came alone. If not one will have to find friend(s), be it they willing or not, to carry all your stuffs for you. Poor friends.

Anyway the storage room looks pretty much utilised when I was leaving and was quite messy. If I may suggest maybe next year can get the users to line up their belongings in an orderly manner so that space can be use to the maximum so more people can use it.

Logistic aside, I very much enjoyed the event. Such events are great to catch up with friends and to make new friends. I didn’t catch any of the stage happenings including special guest star pianist and singer Yui Makino’s stage performance. Reckon my situation won’t allow me to fit in there so decided to give it a miss. Good thing my good reliable comrades from the The Banzai! Effect uploaded her performance online. Click here. Fuwa Fuwa♪ sounds nice. Initially I was something from K-ON! ^^;

Ok enough talk for now…

2. Saw this incredibly cute Azunyan and I simply cannot resit giving her a pat taking a picture with her.

3. My friend who has turned from otaku to cosplayer. Jade from Tales of Abyss.

4. Here’s another friend, Jason, who has turned from serial killer to otaku.

5. Right after the last pic is taken, Jason went it for the kill…

6. hide lives! (takes note that the name is to be spelled all in lowercase) Another friend who came as his favourite musician. Very nice getup! Upon inspecting his jacket I realise the golden round buttons running down his sleeve are just the right kind I am looking for my school uniform!

7. We swapped weapons.

8. I was so afraid I will drop the guitar. ^^;

9. Closer look with lots of camera noise. Replica model based on the one the legend used.

10. Finally get to meet Dahlia-chan. ^^;


12. Lovely bunny ears.

13. Cute female photographer

14. She’s wearing fbt shorts, the hottest school fashion among school girls. ^^;

15. Another friend. Eventhough she lives near me, this is the 2nd time I saw her. She has a very nice smile as you can tell. The red plastic bag contains a gundam. Forget to ask her what that’s for. ^^;

16. Misa. Death Note.

17. Rukia. She even brought her hand drawn drawing of Rukia’s drawing.

18. Most happy of all, I saw yukata girl again! ^^

19. Check out last year’s post. ^^

20. a bit of deja vu here. ^^;

21. Not only that, I also saw a fellow sergeant! Long time no see Windbell, well known in the circle for his good looks photography and programming skills.

22. Borrowed her from Windbell for a while.

23. Yukata girl’s cousin. This year she’s cosplaying as a photographer. ^^;

24. Krauser and his kiss of death. You can’t see or hear it but I’m actually screaming from inside the helmet. :3c

25. Checking out eachother’s codpiece. Hmm… I think mine is bigger…

26. Krauser is awesome. Too much fun lol.

27. Go to DMC I certainly did.

28. Sakura and 小狼。 I remember watching the anime when I was a kid. Don’t ask me why but that’s the only anime showing on Saturday morning. Didn’t finish the series though.

29. Another friend. This time as Vocaloid Meiko.

30. Beautiful female Naruto on the loose. Nice tattoo on the tummy.

31. Yukata girl again and the debut of Black★Rock Trooper on the right. I’ll wait for him to post up his blog post so you can check out his work.

32. This french meido has a secret. She flies a TIE fighter as well.

33. Extremely moesome pink medio. Love her stocking. Grade A+ zettai ryouiki. :3c The black meido is equally cute, saw her at previous events before.

34. Be afraid! No only does Domo-kun has sharp teeth, he now come equipped with a rifle! Ha! Pink medio was with Domo-kun, maybe her guardian, or vice-versa.

35. Some beautiful people.

36. Saw this pretty photographer in a cute cap/hat outisde. There seems to be a increasing number of female photographers at cosplay events which is a good sign. As to why it’s a good sign? Let me go think about it and I’ll get back to you.

37. Now that’s one large key. Wonder how she brings it here? Even after dismantling, parts are still big.

38. Lovely Suu from Clover.

39. Black★Rock Shooter.

40. Lovely Satarinas. Taken by Kodomut. There are 6 of them but because of the crowd, kodomut can only squeeze in a few of the girls. =(

41. I recognise a few of them who are active cosplayers themselves.

41b. Here’s a shot of all 6 of them on stage taken by Speedknight.

42. Me with the laughing Buddha. Glad to see him actually it’s his daughter.

43. Dollfie Escalayer with Grey dolphin-kun, who has a twin brother blue dolphin-kun who has relocated to Japan. As with his brother here in Singapore, blue dolphin-kun is in the company of many lovely girls. ^^;

44. Lastly, This cute Mio wall scroll here is drawn by the talented artists from local doujin studio Collateral Damage Studios aka CDS.

The other 4 girls of the Keionbu are avaliable as well. Blog post here. Each scroll is S$12, full set is cheaper at S$50. Although the blog post says no pre-order, but when I visited their booth where this pic is taken, they are actually in fact accepting pre-orders. I guess the scrolls must be selling pretty well. ^^;

If any locals wish to get their hands on one (or 5!), you may e-mail them at collateralds@gmail.com for more details.


Special thanks to all those who helped me take these pics, especially Haldir who took most of them.

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34 Responses to EOY 2009

  1. speedknight says:

    Weee~ Sofa~ nice meeting you a EOY 2009…
    finally got the chance to talk to you… haha

  2. Shazzsteel says:

    Loved your pics with Jason. Your right the cosplayers and photographers are getting prettier, plus there seems to be a lot of female photographers. I like where the future is heading. 🙂 I missed the Moot girl, she must have slipped past my field of vision the whole day.

    Oh yeah is the Mio top hat yours? Cause its awesome, it defies the laws of gravity…

  3. chun says:

    hehehe thanks for sharing pix of these events ^^!

  4. DemonickAngel says:

    i see a female gundam otaku ? O_o yayness.

  5. oOgA says:

    lovely gorgeouslicious female photographers! armed with deadly nikon cameras too :3

    and u had a photo with the pink meido !!! :3333

  6. AK says:

    Sorry bro, gimme a bit of time to process photos. 😛 So much happened inside the Drama Centre that day, too bad I didn’t get to catch it at all.

  7. WinterKnight says:

    Nice to finally meet you! And thanks for telling me my filter was scratched! LOL!

  8. Garion says:

    Nice coverage. The pink meido has hawt zettai ryouki yes.

    Pic #34 is epic winz. XD

    The Santarinas in #40-41b are cosplaying as the Idol Master girls – they were the same team who did Idol Master at this yr’s Cosfest I believe.

  9. zh3us says:

    Hey! Din see the Buddha there!!

    Meiko looking fantastic over there!! Caught a glimpse of her too.

    Domo w/ Gun OMG!!

  10. Panther says:

    Goddamn why do I never see Dice? I was there but only on first floor and not for long so I missed you as well Gordon.

    By the way girl with key = A.B.A. from Guilty Gear series. Also nice pics of cute photographers. :p

  11. speedknight says:

    Cosplay in are just getting more and more Epic i am glad that i am ORD-ing in less then 7 mths so i cant delicate more time into this scene.

  12. Reltair says:

    Those wall scrolls are pretty well drawn.

    So many cosplay events! o_O

  13. phossil says:

    Cute naruto girl (pic 30). 🙂

  14. Radiant says:

    Sugoi! Kandesu-chan! You look so pretty! ^_^

    Thanks for sharing pix!

  15. yamada says:

    Wow, that must be fun. 😀

  16. Squee says:

    how many of those buttons do you need?

  17. yumeno says:

    The girl in #37 is Aba from the Guilty Gear series. I was quite happy that there was a Guilty Gear team. And thanks for the card, bro. You should know that I do come down for such events ^^;

  18. KamioMisuzu says:

    I had a problem identifying which trooper is you during the event ^^”

  19. Blowfish says:

    Sounds like some awesome staff is behind those events.
    Didnt expect to see an A.B.A, Cosplayer! Nice!

  20. BCOtaku says:

    Seems like EOY is really fun. Too bad I missed it tho

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  22. konadora says:

    Wow, great photos, so sad I missed it.

    Happy New Year!

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  24. OK what u want to be called then? ^^;

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