January 16

Today is January 16, a Saturday, a perfectly normal day like any other days. Saturday is a weekend. Most people usually don’t work on a weekend. Some do. School is closed as well. Students do go back on Saturday for extra curricular activities but not all. People usually wake up late on weekend as well, and do their own personal stuffs/hobbies that they like doing. Like hanging out with friends, go on a date, see a movie, shopping etc.

So whatever you are doing today. Happy January 16 to everyone! Cheers!

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26 Responses to January 16

  1. Kiwira says:

    Saturday’s always the best day , for the time can be spent at its fullest since the following day will be a Sunday !

    Cheers to you too buddy !

  2. chii says:

    Happy birthday to me too! happy day for everyone else too of course 😀

  3. Kairu says:

    So you will post something like this every saturday? Oh wow.

  4. YuKi-To says:

    My Bro’s was 15th! =P

  5. abao says:

    no idea what is jan 16… so did u have a great saturday?

  6. Chappy says:

    =3 That’s so random. Haha.
    Seriously, I feel very sad every Saturday night thinking that Sunday is coming next and is the last day for me to have fun. LOL.

  7. phossil says:

    Saturday is the best day of the week 🙂

  8. Reltair says:

    Saturday is the best day of the week. Beginning of the weekend, so I usually just chill and do whatever. Sunday feels too much like the end of the weekend, when you’re already thinking about going back to school/work on Monday. >_>

  9. andra says:

    hahaha, Happy Belated Birthday ! 😀

    my birthday also coming very very very soon. Uwah. ;_;

  10. konadora says:

    i think I said on facebook, but happy birthday anyway ^__^

  11. AK says:

    Happy birthday Gordon. Good thing I remembered. 😉

  12. naks says:

    hey gordon wishing u a happy birthday again! same day as my dad! lol. and i’m 1 month later. XD

  13. Blowfish says:

    Luckily It was only a regular saturday without any special meaning to the blog owner so I can feel comfortable with the fact that I am wishing you a great belated saturday

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