The Little One Inside the Flask

フラスコの中の小人 My favourite chapter in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga.

Btw reader JafriZain2009/2010 has complied a comprehensive list of Gundam 00 alumni who voiced characters in this season of Fullmetal Alchemist below.

Paku Romi (Regene Regetta) – Edward Elric
Rie Kugimiya (Nena Trinity) – Alphonse Elric
Miki Shinichiro (Lockon Stratos) – Roy Mustang
Keiji Fujiwara (Ali Al-Saachez) – Maes Hughes
Unshou Shizouka (Sergei Smirnov) – Van Hohenheim.
Hiroyuki Yoshino (Allelujah/Hallelujah) – Kimbley
Mamoru Miyano (Setsuna F seiei) – Ling
Yuuichi Nakamura (Graham Acre) – Greed
Minami Takayama (Kati Mannequin) – Envy
Umezu Hideyuki (Ian Vasthi) – Barry the chopper
Tetsu Inada (Barrack) – Roa
Kazuki Yao (Arba Lindt) – yoki
Tokuyoshi Kawashima (Klaus Gardo) – Riddle
Ryozaburo Otomo (Homer Katagiri) – Bucaneer
Daisuke Namikawa (Michael Trinity) – Van Hohenheim (Young)


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15 Responses to The Little One Inside the Flask

  1. konadora says:

    haha, you have to catch up quickly!

  2. Cavalock says:

    I am hooked on the brotherhood anime series

  3. andra says:

    oh man, that sure is a BIG alumni !

    I am watching the anime, dun have time to chase manga ! ^^;

  4. robostrike says:

    I also read Full Metal… you up to date?? I feel bad for Mr. Flame Alchemist though T_T

  5. Reltair says:

    The little one inside the flask owned them all.

  6. JeffryZain2010 says:

    I feel like i’m obssesed reading FMA manga now. The anime seems really confusing to me especially EP19. I mean (wondering what happened to Dr Marco during that. In manga version will explained how it all happened and voila.)

    PS- You’ve forgot that Unshou Shizouka (Sergei Smirnov) voices as Old Van Hohenheim.

  7. Rin says:

    A lot of Gundam 00 voice actor went to voice act in FMA…wow… All your missing is the voice actor of Tieria…

  8. Q says:

    How could you have missed Paku Romi (Regene Regetta) – Edward Elric?!

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