Star Wars x Adidas

Last year it was announced that Adidas will be coming out with a range of Star Wars apparel and shoes based on the original trilogy (who likes the prequel trilogy anyway?). The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison was there to lend a hand to create publicity.

02. First wave of marketing started last year before Christmas. A whole platoon of troopers led by Darth Vader marches down Orchard Road, the heart of Singapore to the curiousity of many Christmas shoppers.

03. This pic and the above one of said event were featured on REUTERS. ^^;

We were also featured on the local evening news as well. ^^;


05. At the Adidas store where some filming was done. Lord Vader loves this red bag!


07. Group shot before calling it a day.

08. These two lovely ladies are from Adidas whom I have been liaising with for this event.



The official launch of the Adidas Star Wars product was 15th January 2010 and once again the troopers were there to create come buzz.

10. The dirty trooper was stationed with a few at the Iluma store. The others were stationed at other location. Local toys review blog Toys R Evil has a coverage of one of the location. Quite a long queue.

11. The Star Wars stuffs on display. Not all catalog was available. More new items to come in the following months. The apparel and shoes are limited items so once they are gone, they are gone.

12. Love this shot.


14. Love the colourful background. The girl is cute too.




18. This Adidas store assistant is incredibly adorable. ^^;






24. There’s a bareback girl in the middle and I didn’t even notice her!


26. The troopers debating which movie to watch after duty. We heard Avatar is good. But in the end, we settle for good old Empire Strikes Back. ^^;

27. The Adidas store staff having a bit of fun trying on our helmets after closing shop.


Special thanks to Jason Trooper who took shot pic 01, 10-18, 21-28.

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21 Responses to Star Wars x Adidas

  1. LOL! you guys must have attracted a lot of customers x)

  2. Shazzsteel says:

    Pic no. 2 – Stormtrooper route march 😛

  3. lu-k says:

    Haha awesome. A bunch a troopers is sure unusual an a good promotion ^^

  4. phossil says:

    Pic 6, for those coldie nights.. Lol.
    Nice girl pics. ^^

  5. Gunstray says:

    Hahah, The Tie pilot is pretty adorable ^^

  6. i-pup (Jun) says:

    Cool nice…
    So i guess ill be seeing stormtroopers wearing Adidas shoes for the next invasion ^^

  7. laniemon says:

    Lol at pic *24 ^^. Tempted to get on of those adidas star wars stuff as well.

  8. Reltair says:

    Shoes based on the original trilogy? No photos of some samples? =O

  9. bluedrakon says:

    Darth Vader with the Red Adidas bag is a riot. Looks like everyone had a blas!

  10. chun says:

    hehehe looks like fun! 🙂 LOL at the “please finish her” on your banner 😛

  11. Ichiro Ino says:

    Where’d you get that gun?

  12. Nakei says:

    Haha, holy snizzles.
    I really want a set of trooper or Vader armours.
    Awesome shots, *bookmarks*

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