Year of the Tiger

2010 is the zodiac year of the tiger. Let’s take a look at the various things associated with the tiger.

01. Tiger Balm Ointment 虎標萬金油, a well known brand of Singapore developed in the 1870s. Flagship product is the Tiger Balm White, recommended for headaches and the stronger Tiger Balm Red, which is not to be used on the head as it will probably cause you more headaches, for use on other parts of the body.

02. Tiger Beer, launched in 1932, is Singapore’s first locally brewed beer. Tiger Beer is brewed in 12 asian countries. It is available in more than 60 countries worldwide including Europe, USA, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand and the Middle East.

03. Thai girl, in this case, Tata Young, a Thai Singer who is bilingual in Thai and English. She has sold more than 13 million albums worldwide across Asia.

04. Tiger Hong. A legend in the Singapore Armed Forces in the 1960s. So famous was his nickname that after his retirement, he opened a security company and named it “Tiger Hong Security”. Read more about his heroics here.

05. Tiger Airways is a low-cost airline based in Singapore. Incorporated in September 2003, it is currently the largest low-cost airline operating out of Singapore in terms of passengers carried.

06. Tigra. A superhero in the Marvel Comics universe.

07. Sir Alec Guinness who portrayed the elderly Obiwan Kenobi is born in the year of the Tiger.

This is a fairly common Chinese nursery rhyme. The lyric is very strange indeed.

Two Tigers are Running Fast, one has no ears, the other has no tail. How Strange!

08. 母老虎 meaning Tigress. This is a Chinese metaphor referring to a extremely fierce wife who nags at the husband whole day for spending so much money on figures of half naked anime girls. But that certainly doesn’t apply to the cute Shinozaki Ai you see above dressed in tiger gear, or rather portionally dressed. ^^; More yummy scantily dressed pics of her at Alafista.

Here’s an interesting song about 母老虎。 :3c

09. Tiger Uppercut. Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Punch.

Tiger Knee. Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Kick.

10. 武松打虎 one of the stories in 《水浒传》 aka Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. One of 武松’s heroics is how he kill a man-eating tiger with his bare hands. Extremely GAR!

There even a statue of 武松 beating the tiger somewhere in China.

11. Tiger Woods. GG.

12. Taiga. My favourite cosplayer. *hearts* :3c


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8 Responses to Year of the Tiger

  1. sbhboi says:

    Tiger balm ftw !

  2. alafista says:

    Taiga FTW!!! Happy New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  3. daymien says:

    Happy Chinese New Year cum Valentine’s Day!!

  4. Matteas says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  5. Q says:


    Ack, Tiger Woods… It’s a pity to see how low he has fallen. Hope he will bounce back up though.

  6. Reltair says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Lol, Tiger Woods.

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