Chingay Parade 2010

Chingay is annual street and floats parade which takes place during the Chinese New Year period in Singapore. Participants includes performers from all over Asia and also from a galaxy far far away.

The 2 days event was held on 19 and 20th of Feb. There’s a small carnival to entertain the young and old in the afternoon before the actual parade at night. As per recent trend, it has become a norm for any big events to use cosplay as a selling point to attract the crowd. Which is fine in this case since almost everyone taking part in the parade are in costumes. Ok move along now.

2. The lovely meido with tonight’s dinner.

3. You must be stranded on a deserted island if you haven’t heard of Hexlord aka Usagi-san? Kudos to him for this pic.

4. Note to self: Get nekomini before the next troop. Nyan~

5. This cute Miku walked over and asked me why am I so dirty? I must think of more reasons as I seem to be getting this question a lot lately. ^^;

6. The cute meido again. What’s she holding in her hands?

7. Hmm… Looks like she got tired of cooking and cleaning so decided to go for some target practice.

8. Lightning right? Notice anything different about yours truly? :3c

9. First ever female main character in a Final Fantasy game right?


OK enough about non-related stuff and to the main event.

All the below photos are taken off flickr.







A short clip of us marching past.


There’s one very nice shot of us here.

The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison is just one of the many colourful contingents in the parade. Check out more pictures of the other performers at flickr.


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36 Responses to Chingay Parade 2010

  1. nutcase23 says:

    *plays marching music*

  2. lu-k says:

    Gorgeous cosplay girls ^^
    But troopers are the best! Love picture #14

    Poor sand troopers… always the dirtiest. Ungrateful, but well, if it tickles the curiousity of beautiful ladies, that’s a pretty good point ^^

  3. Pyoro says:

    wow, all kidding aside, your armor is immaculate.
    seriously how much white polish did you guys use up? that is one shiny helmet photo#14

  4. DemonickAngel says:

    i see the familiar chibi bobba and some new chibis… and new faces in the legion.

  5. chun says:

    cool! thanks for sharing! :3

  6. phossil says:

    Were you in the parade too??
    Lovely meido girl ^^

  7. Danny Choo says:

    Lots of lovely droids ^o^

  8. Hexlord says:

    Nice to meet you again, great to see the amazing group in action.

    And thanks for the link too, I am not that well-known lar… :X

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  10. Garion says:

    Nice pics. ^^ Saw u guys on TV the other day, but it was plain weird seeing Imperial troops marching down the road to brazilian samba music. I was half-expecting u guys to break into samba dances suddenly. ^^;

  11. Blowfish says:

    Joining the troops certainly impresses the ladies hm?
    Atleast thats the impression I get when Im lookin at your pictures.

    Theres something awesome about seeing the empire parade on the streets of earth ^_^

  12. Emiko says:

    Thanks for the photos~ ^^
    and I really thought they were going to change the music .____.

    (Meido here~)

  13. Nopy says:

    I’ve never heard of Chingay, but it looks fun, wish I could’ve seen it for myself.

  14. AK says:

    Love image 15. 😉 To whom do I credit such a beautiful shot?

  15. chasan says:

    very wonderful event, hope next year solo batik carnival join at the event again……

  16. abao says:

    wa… now i feel like looking for the re-telecast of the parade u_u

  17. bcotaku says:

    I just watched the re telecast ^^; were you captured on TV?

  18. konadora says:

    The meido.. beri kawaii desu~ :3

  19. sbhboi says:

    Wow, tha’s 1 wonderful event for cosplayers ! How it makes me wanna join it for no reason….

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