Singapore Fashion

This is a rather common sight in Singapore. A couple goes out on a date. The girl dolls herself up, do her hair, wear a pretty dress and heels while the guy just come in t-shirt, shorts and bad shoes.

I don’t know. Maybe I am just old fashion. Maybe it’s hip for guys to dress like that on a date?


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  1. yumeno says:

    Not a lot of guys have good fashion sense. Then again, designs for men’s clothing are rather dull as well.

    And the guy didn’t even bother wearing socks, disgusting.

    • the guy must be thinking, “I’m just meeting her for a movie and dinner, I don’t need to dress up. I’ll save the time dressing up to play more FFXIII”. Bet he’s still playing 5 mins before he leaves the house whereas the girl probably spent an hour before going out making herself presentable.

  2. u mean holding a girl’s hand?

  3. meh… I can never understand why it takes girls so long to get ready… I can get ready in 5 mins max AND still look good 😉

  4. r chan says:

    its just that guys normally go out in casual clothes… got no prob with that specially if it is just going to mall or movie or grocery.diff story if going out on a fri night gmick =)

  5. Loba says:

    Girl out shines guy. Girl wins!

  6. alafista says:

    T-shirt, shorts and loafers is the standard Singapore costume.

  7. phossil says:

    Well, if its not wearing shorts then its jeans. The guy must love his shoes pretty much I think for wearing it on a date. ~_~

  8. Leefe says:

    But it’s actually becoming very common. Most wear for men in Singapore are casual, and smart casual usually translates into shirt + jeans. Which may not really work out when the weather is crap. Though it’d be true that it’s also appreciated for guys to at least wear t-shirt or polo-tees and jeans. 😡

  9. zh3us says:

    Not even a jeans? D=

  10. Chun says:

    Guy should wear dress? Lol

  11. Nopy says:

    I think it’s just sloppy. The guy could at least put on a pair of dress pants or a nicer shirt.

  12. DemonickAngel says:

    its too hot to dress up i will wear a kilt on my next date! go scotish.

  13. LEon says:

    Can see the couple in the photo maybe sometime together already. Like you said woman love to doll themselves up but for guys being guys they just feel comfortable as they are. Comfort comes first and what important is the wallet are full. So no complain there. Plus it might be a week end and guys had wore business shirt for the weekdays and dress down.

  14. Raven says:

    Well, bad dress sense in Singapore is attributed to many reasons. Of which the biggest culprit is salary and cheap clothing.

    Only the guy is guilty? No I think both sexes are equally guilty when it comes to dressing up.

  15. Fabrice says:

    You should have taken a picture of me! was there last weekend XD
    were you in ION at orchard road, looks fimiliar.
    i think some girls dresses quite cute, but the guys.. =/

  16. insanejake says:

    I hope those people who voted COSPA are either joking or being sarcastic…

  17. kaioucat says:

    I agree the guy is under-dressed. I mean, the girl deserves a bit more respect than a pair of sloppy bermudas and ill-fitting t-shirt. Dressing up is a form of respect.

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