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Otacool 2

An in depth review of Otacool 2. Advertisements

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K-ON!! Season 2 Episode 3

This week’s episode is sadly a filler and pales in comparison with the awesomeness that is last week’s episode.

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K-ON!! Second Season

So the second season of snack anime K-ON! is titled K-ON!! with two exclamation marks. Ok whatever.

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Namie Amuro

Have you ever encountered this phenomenon before? You lost contact with your first love for many many years then one day she came back into your life again? Well it sure happened to me.

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Other than guys dressing sloppy for dates. Another highlight of Singapore fashion is girls like to expose straps on their shoulder. Seeing girls in tank top with bra straps showing is very common over here. But this one I saw … Continue reading

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Childhood Crush

Everyone has a childhood crush. It’s usually not the girls in school. Boys and girls of that age don’t get along well due to the constant rivalry. It’s usually someone older, like a movie star, someone’s mature elder sister or … Continue reading

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