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Matching Pair

Over here is a screenshot of actress Elisha Cuthbert taking off her clothes in the movie “The Girl Next Door“. No this post isn’t about the movie or is it about the lovely Elisha Cuthbert. It’s about something else. Advertisements

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Don’t Say Lazy

This is something I see every day on the way to work. Everybody queuing up to use the escalator while the stairs is all empty. Maybe we should have a musical stairs to encourage people to use the stairs more?

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Azusa is the cutest nendoroid ever, nyan~

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Samurai Sword Umbrella

Got this incredibly cool Samurai sword umbrella from Jlist. I knew I certainly must get one when I found out about it from Jlist’s twitter. It’s just too awesome!

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Bet most of you know what a stick-man is. But how about stickgal?

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Who Sank the Ship?

OK I admit it. It was me. I sank the ship. 好啦。我承认。船是我沉的。

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