Cosfest IX 2010

Awesome Dead Master cosplay is awesome.

More to come. Stay Tuned.

Pretty Mio is pretty. ^^;

Franky was truly one of the highlights of the event. He’s an awesome entertainer. Join his GARstby Facebook group. ^^;

Suika Ibuki 可爱呐。 ^^;

My favourite shot of the event. ^^;


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48 Responses to Cosfest IX 2010

  1. Ex-blogger TRM says:

    Woo.. So u went to cosfest and not cosmo.. More photos pls. =D

  2. Hexlord says:

    Haha, Sakana’s Dead Master. Nice~ 🙂

  3. alafista says:

    Instead of donning your amour, you just bring your helmet XD

  4. Hitoribocchi says:

    Lol that means I made the wrong choice today. On the flipside, I don’t have to spend $20 on a taxi ride & shuttle from Somerset to Downtown East.

  5. AK says:

    Chio bu! Waiting for the rest of your post. Still, thanks for dropping by for a while to check us out at Cineleisure after Cosfest! 😀

  6. Crimotaku says:

    Wow the mio is so cuuuuute :3

  7. Persocom says:

    love the dead master pic

  8. zh3us says:

    Nice Skull in Helmet!!


  9. Stifler says:

    Pretty Mio is pretty indeed/

  10. phossil says:

    both girls are cuties ^^
    they have your “head” in their hands. 🙂

  11. Kar Loke says:

    Nice, Nice.
    But your helmet is glowing…..

  12. inferno0748 says:

    lol! glowing stormtrooper helmet. Imagine exchanging the skull on GSC’s dead master PVC figure with a stormtrooper helmet….

  13. Ex-blogger TRM says:

    Hope you have more pics of other cosplays as well. Put crossplays at another post, thx.

  14. Hynavian says:

    Lovely photo shots. Did both cosplayers deliberately pose for you?

    Again I gave cosfest a miss due to lack of interest but hopefully you had fun with the others. (:

  15. Shazzsteel says:

    You certainly know how to pick out the cuties Gordon 😛

  16. konadora says:

    beri naisu ^_^

  17. Soundaholic says:

    I agree man, good Dead Master cosplay is really good ^^

  18. Lene says:

    What an adorable Suika! Also, really like the Dead Master cosplay~

  19. Stifler says:

    Tsurupettan Suika~

  20. Reltair says:

    The Dead Master cosplay is really nice. She even has the green light!

  21. Blurmage says:

    Nice photos~ and damn I missed you on both days 😦

    Anyway, here’s the DA of the Suika Ibuki cosplayer:

  22. Wai Chun says:

    Did Mio add you on Facebook???

  23. Wai Chun says:

    ha ha, random asking only ^_^

  24. insanejake says:

    Stop teasing us and just release all the good stuff xD

  25. Vincent Cho says:

    i wish i can take this photo with you as well.. unfortunately i cant make it tonight.. i wish you all the best tonight =)

  26. RyoBase says:

    I thought you got your head chopped off in the first pic.

  27. Blowfish says:

    Hmm…That last pic makes me wonder if your helmet has special powers making people fall in love

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