StarCraft 2

Launch of StarCraft 2 in Singapore 27th July 2010.


3. Lots of zerglings lining up to buy the game hours before the launch.  On normal days this mall where the event is held is usually empty.

4. Queue extended all the way outside. Waited 1.5 hrs in line before I manage to get my hands on a copy of the game. Estimated number of people who turned up is 10,000  from 12 noon to 8pm. I swear this will be the last time I am going to queue up this long for something.

5. I lied. I’ll properly queue up again for the Diablo 3 launch.

6. Was bored so took random shots of random things.




10. This lovely Terran girl is one of the booth babes. She’s handing out lucky draw coupons.

11. Kerrigan is hot even in infested form.

12. Eat your heart out Tony Stark.

13. StarCraft 2 lead writer, Brian Kindregan was in town and signed autographs for fans. Brian is an extremely nice guy who chit chatted with all the fans while signing. He was suppose to sign for the first 200 in line but he ended up signing for everyone who wants his name on their game.

14. Goodie bag that comes with the game.

15. Decent looking dog tag. A t-shirt is included but I don’t have need for that so donated it elsewhere.

16. The poster is awesome. Glossy finish and Brian signed on it as well.




20. A last parting shot of all the 6 lovely Terran booth babes. They are all nice and friendly. ^^;

Special thanks to my good buddy Pyoro whom I bumped into at the event for accompanying me throughout the launch. Without someone to talk to, it would have been extremely boring waiting so long in line.

OK now excuse me, I have minerals to mine and supply depots to build. See you all on!


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37 Responses to StarCraft 2

  1. Q says:

    So I assume you’ve bought it? I’m planning to buy mine very soon, just pre-loading the game right now.

    The first StarCraft has been my very first serious PC game that I’ve played back then, so I am quite attached to it for the story, characters, and the theme etc. I really do hope that this sequel is going to be keeping up with the original well!

  2. Pyoro says:

    it was a pleasure having you around for company too.
    took me a while to authenticate my account though.
    the downside to purchasing original software. 😦

  3. Camemberu says:

    Awesome awesome post!! Very funny too. Hehe you didnt go in your white suit? I am still resisting the urge to buy (can say goodbye to my blog if I play!) but I will die die queue for Diablo 3!

  4. coffeebugg says:

    Hot dang… we don’t get no big launch day like that over here.

  5. phossil says:

    Hey nice random pics and lovely terran girls, you were very lucky to picture them. I was wondering what lense did you use in your camera?

  6. Stifler says:

    Just wait till you go to Comiket. Waiting in line for 1.5 hours is nothing. XD

    Also, how do you get that niffy little reply button for every individual comment there? Is there a plugin that I can use?

  7. AK says:

    Lovely babes! 😀 Too bad I hardly have any time for these kinds of things these days…

  8. chun says:

    Nice… I like the last photo lol

  9. DemonickAngel says:

    and after awhile all these booth babes look familiar.

  10. Reltair says:

    Oh wow, you guys got goodie bags at your release. 10,000 people? Shooooot.

  11. Gene says:

    Your photos have very nice colours and are pretty sharp. What camera and lens combo did you use for the event?

    I am very into photography as well.


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