Blog Mascot Fan Art

Agito Loh, a fellow comrade from across the causeway and a talented artist has drew some very nice fan arts of my blog mascot, Gordenette. ^^;

You may check out the rest of his work at his DeviantART and blog.

Chinese New Year version.

You may also check out other Gordenette’s fan arts by other comrades in the About page as well.

Btw there’s a new “like” button just under this sentence. If you like this, please click on like so I can test this function out. Thanks! ^^;


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20 Responses to Blog Mascot Fan Art

  1. agito says:

    dont have the like button for me ;_;

  2. That’s OK. V2.0 is good enough. :3c

  3. phossil says:

    I like black/gray Gordenette 😉
    I see “2 bloggers like this post” but no likes button.

  4. Valence says:

    I’ll go ahead and proclaim my ballsy-ness by stating that of the 3 colours, I like the pink one the best.

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