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Duel of the Fates

Iron Man vs TK0.5, the world traveling trooper. Who will win the duel for Sasara’s hand?

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Anime Festival Asia 2010

Late post is late but better late than never right?

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Sasara New Pantsu

Sasara’s father guessed correctly one of my challenge to him during a recent chat so his reward is a peek of Sasara-chan’s new pantsu.

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TK0.5 Adventures

TK0.5’s adventures continues.

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AFAX Dollfie

Presenting the first ever display of Dollfies in Anime Festival Asia contributed by various doll owners in Singapore.

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Singapore CGM Night

DD Nanoha & iphone- Zh3us DD Mari – Alafista Organised by Danny

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AFA X Day 2

What will happen to Haruka-chan? O_O|| つづく

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