Aoi-chan will be staying with Sasara-chan for the coming weeks as her father, Winter Knight, is going through a self exile.

Aoi’s says check out her blog. That’s an order!


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18 Responses to Aoi

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Niinii, Aoi-chan says for the entire duration of her stay, u is go sleep in the living room while she sleep with me in the room. If you is do not obey, you is will die a horrible death. Aoi-chan says. ._.

      • Aoi says:

        Yes! Uncle Gordon you are not allowed to sleep in the same room as us girls…I noticed you kept drooling at me and Sasara when we were talking about her new underwear, YOU PERV! Dangerous! Who knows what wrong things have you been teaching her!

        Also, I looked through your fridge earlier, HOW YOU survive on such UNHEALTHY FOOD! Why so much vegetables and fish O_O! Where are the essential food groups of Meat, Chocolates, Sweets and Ice Cream? I cant survive on rabbit food! Are you trying to starve me?

        I’m hungry so go get me some supper. I think I want some of the delicious Botak Jones food. Go get me one of everything, should just about fill me for awhile. Shoo hurry up and go!

  2. OngYT says:

    Man, now you got 2

  3. Stifler says:

    I think its a good time for me to go over and visit now.

  4. yamada25 says:

    Be good to her Sasara-chan! d(^_~)

  5. phossil says:

    Sasara-Chan now has company to play! 😉

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