Oh no… I know I shouldn’t have brought Sasara to Orchard Road. O_O||

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42 Responses to Gucci

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Niinii I want that one. ._.

    Papa I want this one. ._.

  2. dmario84 says:

    will she be able to carry anything that big? XD

  3. coffeebugg says:

    You are so screwed…

  4. polty says:

    sasara is so adorable in that first photo x3

    i feel sorry for your wallet sergeant gordon > _ <

  5. Adun says:

    Well I must say that Sasara has fine taste in fashion 🙂

  6. フェイダムさん says:


  7. alafista says:

    Sasara-chan I promise I’d buy that for you if you come to live with me instead ^^

  8. …Gucci… Sasara!Channel is better! best…Prada!…My Aoi also wants Gucci!

  9. KWSW says:

    Lols… I hope your bonus can tank the wallet damage sia~!

    BTW if Sasara-chan wants a nice ferragamo hairband or hairclip let me know. That one I think I can help you absorb some of the damage…


    • Sasara-chan says:

      Uncle Kenneth I is of course will love your gift. I is give u a hug this Sunday OK? ^_^

      • KWSW says:

        lols… eh can… i pay half then ur papa pay the other half? Sorry uncle kenneth(uncle… i feel old) also kinda broke liaos cos company dun give bonus in dec 😦

  10. yamada25 says:

    I can see that Sasara wants a Christmas present~

  11. Tiny Red Man says:

    *security guard comes out*
    SG: Little girl, are you lost? Where’s your parents?
    Sasara: He’s right behind me…. *turns back..GONE!!* *starts crying*…
    SG:*thinks to self… Mwahehehehe.. Not everyday i see such a cutie.. >:-D * Come, little girl.. Uncle bring you to find papa.. Uncle got this BIIIIIG office..
    Sasara: Uncle… Can you get me this shoe? And oh!! That bag over there tooo… I think should cost around $2,000. Can? Huh.. Can? Pleeeeeease…. =3c
    SG: *ZOMG.. materialistic gal.. But she’s so cuuuute. >_<… Better gtfo for now..* Ah haa.. Uncle suddenly remember got something to do… Gtg!! *waves*..
    Sasara:…huh… U leaving me behind… :(.. Uncle.. U buy for me, i *ahem ahem*.. =3c
    *gordon-nii arrives..* Hey hey hey.. U pervertic old fag.. What were u trying to do to my sister?
    Sasara: He.. He… Ask me to…. ❤ ❤ him.. Says he buy me things…
    Papa: Hor……. Ic.. come.. Report this colour fox to the police. Or we can settle this privately.. 😉

    Bad story.. Sorry. X-P

  12. Stifler says:

    Gordon, you are so screwed.

    @Sasara-chan: Do your best to make Uncle Gordon buy you the bag! XD

  13. Nicky says:

    very lovely 😀

  14. blacklash90 says:

    Sasara-Chan & Aoi, I’ll bring you both to Prada & Lowê <33333

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