The 2 lovely lass above are Japanese dancing net idols, Aikawa Kozue on the left and Ikura on the right from DANCEROID, a 5 members girls dancer group well-known for dancing to popular Vocaloid tunes on YouTube. Both were in town last weekend as special guests for EOY, a major cosplay event over here.

Got the 2 of them to sign my shikishi at the autograph session at the end of the day. Very kawaii doodle there don’t you think. ^^;

First heard of Danceroid was through Kozue-chan’s dance of Renai Circulation, the Nadeko’s OP for Bakemonogatari. Too cute for words! ❤ See below.

Though I think they are more active in Nico Nico, anyone interested can check out their youtube page here. Their blogs and twitter are listed there too. Kozue-chan’s youtube page is here.


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14 Responses to Danceroids

  1. phossil says:

    lovely girls 😉

  2. OngYT says:

    You even asked Ethan to buy two big ones just to let them sign on it. But to be honest, the one of the left is cute XD

    • Originally wanted to get the shikishi myself but the Takashimaya branch don’t have! >< so have to get Ethan to get for me at Bras Brasah branch as I was at STGCC whole day on Sunday.

      Its common for Japanese artists to sign (or draw) on shikishi so there's where the idea came from.

      Yes Kozue-chan is cute, especially dancing to Renai Circulation in meideo getup. moe moe kyun~ ❤

  3. waa you made them do that for you ???

  4. kiddai says:

    I really love Kozue’s dance videos on Niconico. Very energetic and creative. As for the group Danceroid. My fav would still “LOL -lots of laugh-“

  5. AK says:

    I love that Renai Circulation dance. ❤

  6. Mizorui says:

    I prefer Makoto ❤

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  8. Tim says:

    Yo Gordon!
    You must be super happy~ 😀

    I really, really, really wanted to see Kozue perform Renai Circulation.

    But I had a lot of fun. Hope you did too~


  9. Arla says:

    Kozue is pheonomenal! I have been following her for years now! She deserves more fame I think for her talent..such a powerful and professional dancer for her age!!
    I also now follow KimonoTime too! She has been claimed by the views as the british kozue! She only started posting videos in september but she is doing very well. Her energy and smile and dances are very simukar to Kozue’s, you should check her out!

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