Happy Birthday Aoi

Yesterday was Aoi’s birthday so Sasara-chan and Misaka-chan presented her with a cake. Her father Winter Knight is still in self exile so will make it up to her on Saturday. Did I see a smile there Aoi-chan?

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18 Responses to Happy Birthday Aoi

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Happy Birthday Aoi-chan. ^_^ I is eat the cake? ._.

  2. Ex14 says:

    O. Is this WinterKnight’s Aoi? =O? you should consider setting up a DD daycare XDD

  3. Stifler says:

    Father may be in self-exile, but feel free to drop by my place, Aoi-chan~

    Happy birthday~!

  4. agito666 says:

    happy birthday aoi chan…i currently broke…so nothing left to present gift except my first kiss. =3=

  5. Aoi says:

    Hmm…can I sell that on ebay? I prefer cash XD

  6. OngYT says:

    Happy Bday Aoi chan^^

  7. yamada25 says:

    Happy birthday Aoi!

  8. Aoi…Happy really really belated birthday =_+”

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