Sasara New Bag

Sasara-chan has a new bag and no, it’s not a Gucci or LV. Sasara is a good girl, she is content. Gucci and LV can wait till next year. ^^;

I wonder what Sasara-chan has inside her new bag? What’s that? O_O||


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31 Responses to Sasara New Bag

  1. Hey Sasara-chan, do you like your new bag?

  2. KWSW says:

    The bag looks nice but that book doesn’t….

  3. OngYT says:

    DeathNote. Be careful not to piss her off Gordon

  4. sasara-chan should have a death note instead of a note book with a skull XD

  5. Stifler says:

    Which school do you go to, Sasara-chan?

  6. yamada25 says:

    Your new bag looks nice, Sasara ^^

  7. Blacklash90 says:

    I is think Sasara-chan needs a new wallet, I is heard Prada has pink leather Wallet!

    Bring Gordon Nii-Nii, we cans go togethers! :3c

    Pink pink is matching!!!! ❤

  8. alafista says:

    Wah so nice! you get a bag for Sasara-chan. I must go get something for Mari-chan as well

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