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Dollfie McDonald Food Straps

Dollfie size food straps from McDonald. Now in Singapore.

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Canon 5D Mark II

Finally got my hands on one! XD

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Dollfie Dream Mashiro

As for the answer to the content of the mystery box posted few days ago. A few sharped eyed ones would have already guessed what it is. Yes it’s a Dollfie Dream. ^^;

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Itano Tomomi

If I am walking the plank and really have to choose one, I will probably choose Itano Tomoni. Simply because she have nekoguchi. Above is a photo of the poster for her solo debut single taken at Shibuya during my … Continue reading

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Sasara Tayutama

Hmmm… Looks like Sasara-chan have started growing ears.

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Mystery Box

Another big package landed on the doorstep the other day.

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Sasara Cheongsam

Chinese New Year is around the corner and Sasara-chan is dressed for the occasion with her new pink cheongsam!

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