Japan Loot

Just some stuff I got back from my Tokyo trip.

Some of the more interesting items as detailed below.

2. This is a Hamaya (破魔矢), arrow to ward off evil, which I got from the Sensouji Temple in Asakusa during the New Year Holiday. This one I have says 守矢 which means arrow of protection.

But it doesn’t come with a bow so I assume either one have to make their own bow or simply throw the arrow at whatever evil entity when one sees one.

3. Ema (絵馬) are small wooden plaques that one use to write their prayers or wishes on at the back. Will get about to writing my wish for 2011 later.

4. This says “Family’s safety”, “flourishing business”, “Travel safe on the road” and “Get rid of bad luck and welcome the good luck”. Something like that.

5. Some doll stuffs for myself and friends.

6. DD size umbrella for Sasara-chan in case it rains at home. Very good craftsmanship.

7. “Real” DD size sushi






13. DD size Dorayaki.

14. DD size dangos on a stick.

15. The rest of the set.

16. DD size hash browns.

17. DD size double quarter pounder.

18. These are McDonald’s Food Straps. Get 1 free  each time you upsize your meal. Didn’t managed to get the full set as one can’t choose which one you want and it depends on what the lady at the counter gives you.

19. Matcha Kit Kat, green tea favour.

20. Also Matcha but this one have sakura. Not sure what is the different.

21. Love the packaging. One can even write something at the back to give as a gift.


23. Almond tofu favour. Specialty of Yokohama.


25. Very nicely packed.

26. 1 of each for Sasara-chan.

Bought the kit kats at Narita Airport on the last day. Seems like they are only available at the airport’s check in area. I saw Wasabi favour and many other favors as well but no more money to get them. Why must they have it only at the airport when people are penniless since they are flying home. >.<

27. Maid cookies from Akihabara.


29. DD size PSP! How cool is that!

30. Got these plushies from Comiket 79.

31. Love this Suika one. So cute!

32. Sora and Senjogahari. Cute as well!

33. Her right hand has magnet so it can hold metallic stuff like scissor, pen knife etc .

34. Marisa mug from one of the Comiket Touhou stores.

35. Got all this flyers while walking around Comiket halls. Some of them are very nice indeed with cutesome moe 2D girls.

36. Guidebook to all the stores at the 4th floor commercial hall.

37. Free manga.

38. What’s inside.


40. There’s no way my Japan loot can be this many.

41. Free.

42. Free too.

43. Free three.

44. nitro+’s  Sonico

45. Nice giant poster of Kirino and Index. Free!

46. Free carrier. Can tear and turn it into a file as well.

47. Free again. Comiket exhibitors are so generous! I love it! XD

48. Free New Year postcards. Includes Railgun, Index, Shana and whatnot

49. Kirino shirt from one of the booth. Not Cospa.

End of Comkiet loot.

50. Rockman model kit from kotobukiya. Rockman is of my favourite childhood games.

51. Merissa devil ver. from Madarake in Akihabara.

52. Finally got mine.

53. Sakuragi Hanamichi. This figure is just too awesome!

54. Very nice details and colours.

55. Have become one of my favourite figures in my collection now.

56. Hachikuji-chan! Missed the Pre-order in Singapore so am glad to get her in Tokyo.

57. Love the pose and everything!

58. Bakemonogatari Ichiban Kuji. Pay 800yen and you stand a chance to win figures or super deformed figures like the above by lucky draw method. I tried 3 times but all I got are super deformed figures. 2 Shinobu and 1 Senjogahara. Not feeling lucky at all. =( Shinobu is the secret character. Gave 1 to a friend.

59. Nerv iphone cover for a friend.

60. Danceroid CD for another friend.

61. A friend in Tokyo gave me this after visiting his office.

62. These are my favourites as well! Found these cute wooden boards to hang at my door at White Canvas, a shop in Akihabara selling lots of Touhou stuffs! There are many other design, mostly Touhou characters but have K-ON! ones as well. Will have to buy them all but my wallet disagrees with me.

Correct me if I’m wrong.  Missaka’s one says, “Come closer and I’ll burn you”. Kuroko’s one says, “I’ll maintain the discipline in school”

63. I am a Coca Cola can collector as well and these Japan coke cans are a nice addition to my collection. ^^

64. Love the long coke cans but I find it hard to finish the drink. ^^;


66. One of my favourite purchases from the trip, got this shimapan free from a magazine. Comes with free DVD as well. Too awesome!


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25 Responses to Japan Loot

  1. Sasara-chan says:

    Niinii, and how about Chanel? Doko? ._.

  2. OngYT says:

    No wonder you went broke after you came back. The stuff you bought Lol. Though, thanks for helping me buy the case^^

  3. Mizorui says:

    Gotta love the shimapan.

  4. Blurmage says:

    I want Senjōgahara plushie and 62(Biribiri)! *jealous*

  5. coffeebugg says:

    MAID COOKIES~! Maccha Kitkats!! DD umbrellas and cheongsam!!! Teh DD FOOOOODS!!! Suika plushie!!!

    Ey, Lemme rip that Anime House Mix CD when we get to meet.

  6. chun says:

    Mmmm nice loot! I gotta look out for the unbrella next time I go huhuhu

  7. Sasara-chan says:

    I is video game heroine? ._.

  8. phossil says:

    Are those coca-cola cans empty?
    Very productive trip 😉

  9. AK says:

    I saw a variation of those cute wooden boards before here in Singapore. At Waseda Shibuya High School outside one of the classrooms. Got a picture of Sakuya on it.

    But really love that Marisa plushie. So cute! :3

  10. dice says:

    I love devil merissa! any other faces?

  11. Garion says:

    Damn….nice loots!!! Gotta love the Suika plushie and the shimapan. ❤ What was the pocket damage for everything btw? ^^;

  12. marvinryan says:

    looks like you had fun Gordon. ^^ nice loot. ^^

  13. Divine Fang says:

    #47. Wow!!! That’s one heck of a cool freebie! *Wonders where to buy one like that*
    #52. Melissa FTW!
    #66. Hmm… what do you do with it?

  14. Tiny Red Man says:

    Indeed.. The slam dunk figure is MANLY. Awesome looking. If there was something like that for TTGL of kamina.

  15. andra says:

    uhhh, awesome loot! *jealous*
    didn’t get any casual outfit for Sasara? 😀
    I wonder when is my parents going to let me to travel w/o them.. D:

  16. samejima says:

    Waaaaah.. awesome loot! I want that Sora plush!!!

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