Sasaki Nozomi

Happy birthday Nozomi-chan. You are awfully cute so let’s get married. ^^;

誕生日おめでとう佐々木希。 君はとてもかわいい。 結婚してください。 ^^;

Some appetizer from my Sasaki Nozomi archive.


















If anyone has or know where to get more high res pics of her, please share. Thank you. :3c


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37 Responses to Sasaki Nozomi

  1. sbhboi says:

    Wow, I mean, WOW ! She looks so foreign !

  2. maru says:

    D’oh I wanna be the pillow so badly. Legs wrapped around me ~.~

  3. Alafista says:

    She’s mine! Go find another idol to idolize

  4. Garion says:

    Alamak u should have put NSFW. I viewing this at work. ^^; She is a fine droid though. Please be sharing more linku of her?

    Coincidentally I celebrate my bday – 1 day after her. :3

  5. use vacuum cleaner? :3c

  6. good question. what’s that anyway?

  7. 聖者 says:

    Oh, it’s her birthday? Hope she continues to have a stellar life and career. E he he.

    4D. It’s time. There’s your lesson of the day.

  8. AK says:

    Haha, tis the period for 4D! Fa Cai ah Fa Cai!

  9. Stifler says:

    I predict a massive rise in hits because of this post.

  10. sean says:

    Happy early birthday hotty

  11. sean says:

    leave me an email

  12. floyd says:

    fap fap fap fap fap fap

  13. warcraftnerd says:

    have you guys heard of hwang mi hee I mean shes kinda hotter than sasaki nozomi

  14. OngYT says:

    Send me an invitation to your wedding man 😛

  15. Stifler says:

    You posted the same pictures as you did last year. Give us something new. XD

  16. dmario84 says:

    egad!! nicee!

  17. ダイアナ says:

    is this the same girl who was the lead actress in 天使の恋? i loved the movie!

    this pic of her was O.O

  18. tinyredman says:

    yabai…. brb too..

    and tomochin is not going to like it. its either tomochin or her. choose!! and they dun take both for an answer.

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  20. Yes, geez…

    She’s been getting cuter, even recently….
    That’s a brand-new photo of her in a commercial ad:


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