Fast And Furious 5

Once again, a big thank you to OMY Blog Club for inviting me to the Fast And Furious 5 movie preview held at Illuma last Wednesday. These few days have been very busy for me with following all the Election news coverages so haven’t have much time to write a blog post on this. ><

Anyway how long have it been already since the first came out? *Quick google check* Wow 10 years already! The first movie was a surprise hit back then and made Vin Diesel a big star. This new installment is very entertaining as well, very action packed. Plus The Rock is in it.

Check out the trailer below.

The movie is now showing in cinema so do catch it during the weekend or Mon & Tues if you want to save on a few buckes. ^^;

Looking forward to the next OMY movie outing. Till next time and for now let me continue the post Election coverage.


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