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Cosfest X.1 Day 2

Pics from Day 2.

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AKB48 Cafe Singapore

AKB48 Singapore had a soft launch for the world’s first AKB48 Official Cafe at *Scape last Saturday 25 June 2011.

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Collateral Damage Studios

I bought this awesome set of 5 Madoka Magica straps from Singapore doujin group Collateral Damage Studios yesterday at Comicsworld/Cosfest X.1. I love it very much!

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Cosfest X.1 Day 1

Cosfest X.1 at Downtown East 25 June 2011.

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Sasara Star Wars

The great thing about been a Star Wars fan is that no only you get to know other Star Wars fan from around the globe, you also get cool Star Wars souvenirs in the mail as well. Like this Worldwide … Continue reading

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Sasara-chan likes everything pink and that of course include R2-KT, the lovable pink astromech droid with a heart of gold. Find out more about R2-KT here and website here.

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Tsukasa Hiiragi

Yui, I mean Tsukasa will be staying over with Sasara and Mashiro for the next few days. Now to find her a headband. ^^;

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