Madoka Magica Dollfie

Very nice custom Dollfie Dream of Tomoe Mami! I want! ><

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5 Responses to Madoka Magica Dollfie

  1. Just gorgeous!!!

  2. Wolfheinrich says:

    Very good indeed, looks like a DD Moe base?

    • Poofiemus says:

      I agree, it’s got to be Moe. I guess there’s a slight chance it’s Natsuki since it’s the same head, but the makeup is probably Moe’s.

      We now have visible proof that Volks needs to make official versions of the Madoka girls!

    • Sasara-chan says:

      I is guess is Moe-chan as well.

  3. CastKitsune says:

    Moe yo moe~! ^~^

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