Dollfie Dream Mio Akiyama

Moe Moe Kyun~

Not mine btw, just helping a friend with the purchase. ^^;

2. Box arrived from Madareke within 2 days. I love how efficient Japan EMS is.

3. The K-ON! DDs have very nice boxes compare to the old yellow box. This alone is worth collecting.

4. Hello world~

5. Items check

6. I didn’t knew Mio came with shimapan. This is a nice touch. Not that I really touch it which I did but that’s not what I meant. ><

7. A quick photo with Sasara. ❤

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6 Responses to Dollfie Dream Mio Akiyama

  1. agito says:

    why mio? not homura? XD

  2. kodomut says:

    Oh no, now you need to carry more things around!

  3. coffeebugg says:

    They’re multiplying.

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