Sasara Holiday

Sasara packs her bag for her holiday to Hong Kong. Lets see if she got everything accounted for?

$500 – check
PSP – check
Camera – check
Extra pantsu – check
Notebook with many skulls on it – check
Pen to read on the notebook with many skulls on it – check

Anything missing?

Of course we couldn’t forget about the most important thing right?

Yup the passport, always remember to bring it on travels. ^^;

Nihon-koku passport.

Mine and hers.

This is how the passport looks like.

One last check and we are all set. ^^;


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5 Responses to Sasara Holiday

  1. CastKitsune says:

    Iterasshai, Sasara-chan! Remember to bring back rotsa okashi for Tama-chan~! ^_~

  2. Kacin says:

    Wooo… Come back to SG with alot of goodies ok sasara-chan!

  3. KiD says:

    I need to fix my psp I think Ive semi bricked it 😦

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