Hong Kong Day 1

Today we landed in Hong Kong.

2. 14 July early morning, at the airport ready to check it. Here Sasara is with Yu-chann.

3. The girls began to move out, to meet the other girls who are attending Dollism Plus 6 this Sunday.

4. Somewhere over the clouds. Not sure where exactly though.

5. This is the coolest bus I have ever seen. This bus ferried us when we landed in Hong Kong. From the plane to the arrival halls.

6. Waiting to collect the luggage.


8. My lunch at the airport. Pork Chop Ketchup rice. Might not look tasty but it taste not bad.

9. Leaving the airport.

10. Hong Kong public bus. Looks like Singapore’s one but the exit door is in the middle.

11. Arrived at our hostel. Traffic is heavy.

12. Taking the subway to check out the city after checking in and leaving our bags at the hostel.

13. It means Pointy Sand Mouth.

14. At Mong Kok, lots of people and it feels just like as if you are in Hong Kong movies with those large side hanging signboards.

OK that’s all for today. Gonna catch some shut eyes.

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12 Responses to Hong Kong Day 1

  1. coffeebugg says:

    I now know where you guys are staying. :3

  2. Zh3uS says:

    Awesome stuff. Enjoy! AND EAT MORE DIRT CHEAP DIMSUM, i ate dimsum everyday there.

  3. boliweiqi says:

    哇!Dathz is in hongkong now…you might meet together if have time 🙂 Boliweiqi

  4. OngYT says:

    The Double decker is more longer and comfy too. Love it more than the SBS ones.

  5. BH2879 says:

    Ohhh i miss hk so much…so which guesthouse r u staying? R u going to visit ctma centre?

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  7. the dbl deck is a dennis trident and yes we do have in singapore http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Trident_3#Singapore

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