Kipi STGCC 2011

Kipi is in Singapore and for the uninitialized, will be appearing at STGCC this weekend Aug 20 and 21. ^^

On Saturday she will be cosplaying as Shanna and on Sunday Homura. Not sure is it Moe-mura or mahou shoujo ver. So just come on down to see for yourself. ^^;

Guess who Kipi is cosplaying as in the picture above and person who guessed correctly wins a cookie. (‘~’)


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5 Responses to Kipi STGCC 2011

  1. she will cosplay hentai kamen homu version. ^^;


  2. yunamon says:

    MayoNeko 2-Kai Shime-chan~! XDc

  3. Blacksun88 says:

    Fumino Serizawa!!

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