CDS Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica illustration anthology Puella Magi by local doujin group Collateral Damage Studios.

20 pages featuring 13 beautiful art work by 10 of CDS artists, it’s hard to pick just a few to show so I photographed the whole book for your viewing pleasure. =D

02. The front and back cover forms a bigger picture.

This might be a minor thing but I wanna compliment the packaging which I like very much. It is a clear tight fitting plastic sleeve with a non-seal able opening which somehow I prefer over seal able (with sticky tape) sleeve.  For easier taking out and putting back in the book. I’m very particular about protecting the books I like and often will wrap them in plastic sheets but guess I don’t have to for this one since this awesome sleeve is included.

Anyway without further ado, enjoy the pics below. Some have signatures on them which I always like to ask for if I can meet them in person.









11. Guest artist Radiant Dreamer

So if you a fan of Madoka Magica and like what you see here, support our local talents by buying a copy. It’s going for S$15 and more details can be found here. They ships overseas too. There may be additional shipping charges. Ask them. Autographs not guaranteed. Ask them as well. ^^;


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  1. punynari says:

    I ordered my copy yesterday and they were more then willing to ship to the United States. They literally shipped my copy out minutes after I paid at their local post office. Very good folks.

    Thanks for the preview. I had it shipped to my mainland address, so I wouldn’t normally be able to see it till I go on leave (I’m in Hawaii now). (:

  2. yunamon says:

    Rori Charlotte! ❤

  3. yunamon says:

    And Radiant Dreamer’s QB looks like Aria Sacchou! XDc

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