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Madoka Magica Bluray

Episode 12 comparison between the Bluray (left) with TV broadcast (right). More after the jump. Advertisements

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AFA 2011 Anime Festival Asia

Today. 26 September 2011. Anime Festival Asia 2011 press conference. A picture speak a thousand words so here’s pictures of today’s press conference.

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Singapore Cat

Neko been protecting the peace in the neighbourhood for 4 years now. Despite sleeping most of the time. ^^;

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Dollfie Dream Saber Fate/EXTRA

For those with relevant interest in Dollfie Dream or Saber or both or simply planning to start, it’s probably a good time to stock up on those cup noodles as heavy damage is coming your way very soon.

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Dr Pepper Singapore

Another made famous item by anime.

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Ika Musume

侵略! Second season of moe squid anime Ika Musume starts 26th September. That’s next week!

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Mooncake Festival


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