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22 years old Hong Kong model, Jessica C., suffered an unfortunate turn of events recently. A bank’s surveillance tape revealed that the half Amercian, half Filipinno Chinese Jessica had taken $600 HKD that a customer left behind at an ATM in July 2010. Jessica was summoned to the police station to assist with the investigation recently [after the surveillance tape surfaced]. The day before, Jessica’s shocking sex photos and video clips circulated. The photos stunned the entire city of Hong Kong and Jessica suffered emotionally from their exposure. (Ya I bet she is).

Anyway I do not have the leaked video (honest!) but please enjoy some of her pics below. ^^;

Shorter version of the above clip, with just the good parts. =)

Few months back, a similar thing happened to another young Hong Kong starlet, Pheobe Hui. Click here to see her pics.


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